‘Civil Liberties Caucus’ Not a Challenge to O’Toole’s Leadership: Tory MP

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Conservative subordinate of Parliament Marilyn Gladu says the ‘civil liberties caucus’ that she and sine different Tory parliamentarians are forming is not a situation to Party Leader Erin O’Toole’s leadership, but alternatively a means to measure the interaction of COVID-19 mandates connected Canadian civilian liberties.

“This is not astir Erin O’Toole’s leadership. Has thing to bash with that,” said Gladu successful a Nov. 4 interrogation with The Canadian Press.

O’Toole has been trying to span the disagreement betwixt those who enactment mandatory vaccination and those who bash not.

Gladu said the absorption of the Civil Liberties Caucus is to talk up for constituents who are oregon whitethorn beryllium losing their jobs for choosing to enactment unvaccinated.

“It’s truly proceeding from our constituents and trying to fig retired what we tin bash to bring those questions forward, get immoderate answers, rise attraction and awareness,” she said.

About 15 to 30 Conservative MPs and senators person expressed interest successful joining the caucus, Gladu said. The radical intends to relation similar a parliamentary committee that volition telephone connected ineligible oregon aesculapian experts to talk astatine nationalist meetings and connection imaginable solutions to Canadians acrophobic astir the impacts of vaccine mandates connected their civilian liberties.

A Facebook leafage that whitethorn invitation readers to enactment is besides nether information to supply updates of the group’s work.

Gladu, who has represented the Ontario riding of Sarnia-Lambton since 2015, and said the thought of forming the caucus came aft she and immoderate colleagues discussed concerns from constituents being fired from their jobs for refusing to instrumentality the vaccine.

“Other places similar Quebec and Ontario (and) successful the U.S., we’ve seen wherever radical are providing rapid testing arsenic a tenable accommodation for radical and I deliberation that that is thing that should person been considered.”

On Nov. 4, the Biden medication mandated companies with 100 oregon much employees to beryllium fully vaccinated against COVID-19 oregon beryllium tested astatine slightest erstwhile a week starting Jan. 4, 2022.

Gladu said this astatine slightest makes country for the unvaccinated.

“Notice they are not firing the unvaxed, they are utilizing accelerated tests arsenic a tenable accommodation. Canada should beryllium taking this approach,” she said connected Twitter connected Nov. 4.

With files from The Canadian Press and Reuters 

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