Clare Nowland: aged care resident Tasered by police remains in ‘heavy sleep’ amid end-of-life care

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Clare Nowland, the aged attraction nonmigratory who was Tasered by a constabulary serviceman successful Cooma past week, remains successful a “heavy sleep” and is comfortable, surrounded by her family, who held a bedside wide for her connected Sunday arsenic she continues to person end-of-life care.

Calls grew connected Monday for a broader autarkic probe of constabulary attraction of dementia sufferers aft revelations successful the Guardian that six officers handcuffed a 2nd nursing location resident, Rachel Grahame, successful 2020 aft she took a unit member’s lanyard.

The New South Wales constabulary commissioner, Karen Webb, besides continued to publically support the transparency around the Nowland case and revealed that she had approved an archetypal connection describing the incidental arsenic an “interaction” with Nowland, failing to marque immoderate notation to Taser use.

Nowland, 95, remains successful Cooma territory hospital, surrounded by family, successful a captious information with caput injuries sustained arsenic she fell backmost aft being deed by the Taser.

She was visited connected Sunday by parish clergyman Mark Croker, who said she was comfy and remained successful a dense sleep.

“At the aforesaid time, I deliberation she knows that household are astir her and 1 of them said successful the past mates of days she took 1 of the household members’ manus and conscionable kissed them connected the hand,” Croker told the Guardian. “A mates of times she has squeezed the manus of 1 of the family’s members. She is comfy anyway, that is the main point.”

Croker said the household understood the realities of her condition.

“I deliberation they’re realistic and that Mum’s astir apt instilled that into them successful their religion and content successful a beingness beyond here,” helium said.

Webb spoke to vigor presumption 2GB connected Monday astir police’s handling of the incident, confirming she had seen the archetypal connection earlier it was made nationalist past Wednesday, the aforesaid time constabulary utilized a Taser connected Nowland astatine the council-run Yallambee Lodge aged attraction facility.

That connection said an aged pistillate had “sustained injuries during an enactment with constabulary astatine an aged attraction installation successful the state’s southbound today”. It made nary notation of constabulary utilizing a Taser connected a pistillate with dementia.

Webb said constabulary were “not hiding anything”.

“It was important that the household were informed of the concern successful a factual mode earlier we went nationalist connected it, and I deliberation that’s precise necessary, and I’m definite that household appreciates that now,” she said.

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Webb besides defended her determination not to ticker footage of the incidental from body-worn cameras. She said it was important to ticker the footage “in the discourse of each the different statements and evidence”.

“It whitethorn beryllium the lawsuit successful the aboriginal wherever I person to marque a determination based connected a little of evidence, without being tainted by having seen a portion of the little without context,” Webb said. “It’s important that we travel a process. I volition marque my determination impartially.”

Guardian Australia revealed connected Sunday that constabulary had utilized handcuffs to restrain an 81-year-old, 45kg dementia sufferer successful a Randwick nursing location successful 2020, aft being called by staff.

Video of the incidental shows the handcuffed dementia sufferer, Rachel Grahame, howling and successful distress arsenic constabulary repeatedly archer her to calm down.

The Greens’ justness spokesperson, Sue Higginson, said constabulary should guarantee an autarkic probe into their handling of specified cases.

“What has happened to Ms Nowland needs to beryllium a turning point. We tin not person constabulary investigating constabulary anymore,” Higginson said. “The details of the convulsive apprehension of 81-year-old Rachel Grahame successful 2020 that were revealed yesterday amusement that NSW constabulary person not made immoderate advancement since that incidental and successful information things person gotten worse.

“We request to commencement doing things otherwise and that indispensable commencement with a afloat probe by an due autarkic assemblage and that’s the LECC [Law Enforcement Conduct Commission].”

Police declined to remark connected the incidental involving Grahame due to the fact that it was the taxable of civilian proceedings. Those civilian proceedings, successful which constabulary were sued for battle and mendacious imprisonment, settled and resulted successful a payout to Grahame and her family.