Climate activists ‘occupy’ Science Museum over fossil fuel sponsorship

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Youth clime activists person “occupied” London’s Science Museum successful protestation astatine its sponsorship deals with fossil substance companies.

Members of the London subdivision of the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN London) said they were holding a candlelight vigil astatine the celebrated landmark connected Tuesday evening for “the victims of the museum’s fossil substance sponsors: Shell, BP, Equinor and Adani”.

The radical planned to enactment overnight, sharing photos connected Twitter showing sleeping bags rolled retired successful the museum’s Kensington building.

The Metropolitan police said officers were successful attendance and that nary arrests had been made.

The objection comes aft the Science Museum past week announced a caller gallery, called Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery, which is supported by a subsidiary of the Adani Group.

Adani is simply a multinational conglomerate progressive successful ember extraction and coal-fired powerfulness stations.

Biologist Dr Alexander Penson, who took portion successful the sit-in, said it was “appalling” that the depository was persisting successful fossil substance sponsorship and starting a caller narration with Adani.

In an Instagram Live video by UKSCN London from wrong the museum, helium said: “The mode that they archer it is that they are moving with the greenish vigor limb of the institution and they past conscionable hide astir the coal.

Candles connected  the level  of the museum
Candlelit vigil astatine the Science Museum. The radical said they planned to enactment overnight astatine the museum. Photograph: UKSCN/Twitter

“We tin each hold that we request caller greenish infrastructure, that we request greenish jobs … but you can’t conscionable past hide astir the soiled infrastructure that we request to retire.”

The depository has besides faced disapproval for partnering with Shell to money its Our Future Planet accumulation astir c seizure and storage, and nature-based solutions to the clime crisis.

The statement with the fossil substance institution included a gagging clause, committing the depository not to accidental thing that could harm Shell’s reputation.

UKSCN activists attempted to walk the nighttime successful the depository successful June successful protestation astatine the Shell sponsorship, but abandoned the determination erstwhile they were threatened with apprehension by constabulary officers.

The radical besides antecedently staged demonstrations extracurricular the Science Museum, alongside activists from the biology question Extinction Rebellion.

Ines, 17, a subordinate of UKSCN London, said: “We are little than a week distant from the commencement of Cop26. Now is the clip to abolish fossil substance companies, not collaborate with them oregon invitation them into our taste spaces.

“The Science Museum’s elder absorption and committee person unopen down immoderate effort astatine a speech with young activists and scientists.

“Meanwhile, they are welcoming immoderate of the worst perpetrators of the clime situation with unfastened arms … The Science Museum needs to earnestly rethink its sponsorship deals earlier it loses its remaining credibility and legitimacy arsenic a technological institution.”

The occupiers negotiated with depository unit to beryllium moved from the 2nd level of the gathering to the Energy Hall adjacent the main entranceway truthful that they would person entree to restrooms for the full night, they said successful a video posted to Twitter.

UKSCN London had earlier tweeted that the instauration was “denying america entree to basal information and hygiene by locking the toilets and refusing to springiness america safe, sanitary and dignified toilet facilities”.

The Science Museum has been approached for comment.

In a property merchandise announcing the caller Energy Revolution gallery, owed to unfastened successful 2023, the depository said it volition analyse “how the satellite tin acquisition the fastest vigor modulation successful past to curb clime change”.

Dame Mary Archer, seat of the Science Museum Group, said: “We’re hugely grateful to Adani Green Energy for the important fiscal enactment they are providing for this gallery.”

A spokesperson for the Met said: “At astir 17:40hrs connected Tuesday, 26 October, constabulary were made alert of a protestation wrong and extracurricular a depository connected Exhibition Road, SW7.

“Officers stay successful attendance and are engaging with the protesters. There person been nary arrests.”