Closing arguments expected to begin in Harvey Weinstein rape trial

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Closing arguments are acceptable to statesman connected Wednesday successful the Los Angeles rape proceedings of Harvey Weinstein, pursuing weeks of affectional grounds that saw aggregate women instrumentality the stand, including the woman of California’s governor.

Jury deliberations are expected to statesman this week, arsenic the 2nd proceedings against the erstwhile movie shaper successful arsenic galore years nears its conclusion.

Weinstein was convicted of rape and intersexual assault successful New York successful 2020. In Los Angeles, helium faces 7 further charges of rape and intersexual battle helium is accused of committing successful California.

Weinstein pleaded not blameworthy to the charges and has staged an assertive defense, with his attorneys attacking the credibility of the women testifying against him and labeling his astir salient accuser, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a documentary filmmaker who is present joined to the politician of California, arsenic a “bimbo”.

During the six-week trial, the assemblage has heard painful, graphic testimony, including from 4 women who accidental Weinstein raped oregon assaulted them successful hotels successful Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. The proceedings besides included grounds from 4 different women, who were brought successful by prosecutors to found a signifier of Weinstein’s alleged behavior, though Weinstein is not facing transgression charges successful Los Angeles related to their testimony. Those women backed up the California accusers’ accounts with grounds astir akin assaults by Weinstein elsewhere, including successful Toronto, Puerto Rico and London.

The 2 women who are accusing Weinstein of forcible rape some repeatedly broke down connected the basal arsenic they testified, with the archetypal accuser crying truthful intensely that the justice ended tribunal for the day.

Though Weinstein, 70, appeared airy and shrunken successful stature successful the courtroom aft years successful prison, his ineligible strategy had not appeared to alteration overmuch since his New York rape trial, and his attorneys engaged successful grueling cross-examinations of his accusers, putting their representation and their morals connected trial.

Weinstein’s defence attorneys person argued that immoderate alleged victims made up the attacks, and that others had consensual intersexual encounters with Weinstein to beforehand their careers, and lone began to picture their encounters with him arsenic rape oregon battle successful the aftermath of the #MeToo movement.

Weinstein’s accusers successful Los Angeles see an Italian exemplary who says Weinstein showed up astatine her edifice country doorway precocious astatine nighttime during a movie festival successful 2013, forced her to execute oral enactment and past raped her. That woman, who has been identified successful tribunal lone arsenic “Jane Doe 1”, testified the onslaught near her with aggravated feelings of shame and guilt for deciding to unfastened the door, and that it made her privation to “destroy” herself.

Weinstein’s defence attorneys responded by showing the assemblage upbeat Instagram selfies the pistillate had posted from the edifice country successful the days aft the alleged attack.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom
Jennifer Siebel Newsom, woman of California politician Gavin Newsom, testified that Weinstein assaulted and raped her successful 2005. Photograph: Rich Pedroncelli/AP

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the archetypal spouse of California, besides testified that Weinstein assaulted and raped her during what she thought would beryllium a concern gathering successful a edifice successful 2005, erstwhile she was a young histrion and shaper inactive trying to find her mode successful the industry. Judge Lisa Lench made wide that Siebel Newsom’s husband, Gavin Newsom, could not beryllium successful the courtroom with her erstwhile she testified.

In a grueling cross-examination, Weinstein’s attorneys asked Siebel Newsom astir the graphic details of her testimony, including the sounds she made during the alleged rape, and showed the assemblage dozens of affable concern emails that she had sent seeking meetings with Weinstein oregon asking for his proposal successful the months and years afterward. Attorneys besides questioned Siebel Newsom astir governmental donations Weinstein had made to her husband’s campaigns.

A 3rd woman, who besides testified during Weinstein’s New York trial, said she had met Weinstein astatine a edifice successful 2013 for what she thought was a concern gathering to transportation a script, and that Weinstein led her into a bathroom, took disconnected his clothes, and started masturbating and groping her, adjacent though she kept saying “no”.

A 4th woman, a massage therapist who specialized successful personage clients, said that erstwhile she went to a bath to lavation her hands aft giving Weinstein a massage, helium followed her into the room, masturbated successful beforehand of her and groped her.

Weinstein has been publically accused of intersexual misconduct by much than 90 women, who person said helium utilized his presumption arsenic a Hollywood powerbroker to rape, battle and harass women successful the industry, from aspiring actresses to immoderate of his accumulation company’s astir celebrated stars, and that for decades the radical astir him enabled and covered up his behavior.

The proceedings comes arsenic She Said, the movie dramatizing however dozens of women yet chose to talk retired astir intersexual battle by the almighty producer, is generating Oscar buzz.

Weinstein, who is presently serving a 23-year situation condemnation for a rape and intersexual battle condemnation successful New York, pleaded not blameworthy to the California charges and did not attest during the trial. He has continued to support that each his intersexual encounters were consensual. If convicted of the caller charges, Weinstein faces years of further situation time.

In his New York trial, Weinstein’s condemnation came aft helium was convicted of conscionable 2 of the 5 charges brought against him, with the assemblage uncovering him not blameworthy of the astir superior charges of predatory intersexual battle and first-degree rape. Legal experts said the condemnation was notable due to the fact that the assemblage recovered Weinstein blameworthy of raping 1 pistillate and sexually assaulting different adjacent though some women testified to having continued relationships with Weinstein aft being assaulted.

New York’s highest tribunal precocious agreed to perceive an entreaty of his condemnation there.

In Los Angeles, a assemblage of 9 men and 3 women volition deliberate connected the charges against Weinstein. During the assemblage enactment process, 1 of the women connected the assemblage said she was “on the fence” astir the #MeToo movement, noting: “I judge astir women but not needfully all.”

Another of the jurors, an older man, expressed skepticism during the enactment process astir whether helium could find a blameworthy verdict successful a intersexual battle lawsuit with nary DNA evidence, arsenic the prosecutors are asking for successful this trial.

“It’s benignant of an ambiguous question,” that juror said. “It each depends connected the benignant of assault.”

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