Closing Arguments Held In Alex Jones' Sandy Hook Trial

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A assemblage volition determine however overmuch wealth conspiracy theorist Alex Jones indispensable wage to the families of victims aft helium was already recovered liable for damages.

A lawyer for families of 8 radical killed successful the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre told a assemblage Thursday that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones started lying astir the shooting the time it happened and provided the machinery that allowed that prevarication to spread.

Christopher Mattei began presenting closing arguments successful a proceedings to find however overmuch Jones should wage for persuading his assemblage astir the prevarication that the 2012 shooting astatine Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax staged to enforce much weapon power laws.

“The lies that started connected December 14, 2012, are continuing to this precise day,” Mattei said. “In 2 months it volition beryllium 10 years, 10 years since these families mislaid their loved ones and adjacent now, adjacent now, he's inactive doing it.”

The six-person assemblage could statesman deliberations by the day's extremity successful the lawsuit, 1 of respective filed against the conspiracy theorist by relatives of the 26 radical killed successful the wide shooting.

Since the proceedings began Sept. 13, each 15 plaintiffs successful the Connecticut suit person testified astir being tormented for a decennary by radical who believed Jones' claims that the shooting ne'er happened, and that the parents of the 20 slain children were “crisis actors.”

The plaintiffs said they person received decease and rape threats, message from conspiracy theorists that included photos of dormant children, and had in-person confrontations with hoax believers. They sued Jones for defamation, intentional infliction of affectional distress and violating Connecticut’s unfair commercialized practices instrumentality by profiting disconnected the hoax lies.

The radical suing Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, successful the Connecticut lawsuit see the relatives of 8 massacre victims, arsenic good arsenic an FBI cause who responded to the school.

Mark Barden, whose lad Daniel was among the 26 victims, told the assemblage conspiracy theorists threatened to excavation up the boy's sedate to beryllium the shooting ne'er happened.

“This is truthful sacrosanct and hallowed a spot for my household and to perceive that radical were desecrating it and urinating connected it and threatening to excavation it up, I don’t cognize however to articulate to you what that feels like,” Barden told the jury. “But that’s wherever we are.”

Jones, whose amusement and Infowars marque is based successful Austin, Texas, was recovered liable for defaming the plaintiffs past year. In an antithetic ruling, Judge Barbara Bellis recovered Jones had forfeited his close to a proceedings arsenic a effect of repeated violations of tribunal orders and failures to crook implicit documents to the plaintiffs' lawyers.

Jones took the basal for a contentious time of testimony, saying helium was “done saying I'm sorry” for calling the schoolhouse shooting a hoax.

Outside the courthouse and connected his web show, helium has repeatedly bashed the proceedings arsenic a “kangaroo court” and an effort to enactment him retired of business. He has cited escaped code rights, but helium and his lawyer were not allowed to marque that statement during the proceedings due to the fact that helium already had been recovered liable.

Jones' lawyer, Norm Pattis, has been trying to bounds immoderate damages awarded to the victims' families and claimed the relatives were exaggerating their claims of being harmed.

In a akin proceedings successful Texas successful August, a assemblage ordered Jones to pay nearly $50 million in damages to the parents of 1 of the children killed successful the shooting, due to the fact that of the hoax lies. A 3rd specified trial, besides successful Texas, involving 2 different parents is expected to statesman adjacent the extremity of the year.

Jones has said helium expects the cases to beryllium tied up successful appeals for the adjacent 2 years and has asked his assemblage to assistance him rise $500,000 to wage for his ineligible expenses. Free Speech Systems, meanwhile, is seeking bankruptcy protection.

Additional reporting by The Associated Press.