Coast Guard Investigating Cargo Ship For Hitting Oil Pipeline

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By Associated Press
October 18, 2021

Still undetermined is whether the interaction caused the October leak oregon if the enactment was deed by thing other astatine a aboriginal day oregon failed.

Investigators judge a 1,200-foot cargo vessel dragging anchor successful unsmooth seas caught an underwater lipid pipeline and pulled it crossed the seafloor months earlier a leak from the enactment fouled the Southern California coastline with crude.

A squad of national investigators trying to pursuit down the origin of the spill boarded the Panama-registered MSC DANIT conscionable hours aft the monolithic vessel arrived this play disconnected the Port of Long Beach, the aforesaid country wherever the leak was discovered successful aboriginal October.

During a anterior sojourn by the vessel during a dense tempest successful January, investigators judge its anchor dragged for an chartless region earlier striking the 16-inch alloy pipe, Coast Guard Lt. j.g. SondraKay Kneen said Sunday.

The interaction would person knocked an inch-thick factual casing disconnected the tube and pulled it much than 100 feet, bending but not breaking the line, Kneen said.

Still undetermined is whether the interaction caused the October leak oregon if the enactment was deed by thing other astatine a aboriginal day oregon failed owed to a preexisting problem, Kneen said.

"We're inactive looking astatine aggregate vessels and scenarios," she said.

The Coast Guard connected Saturday designated the proprietor and relation arsenic parties of involvement successful its probe into the spill, estimated to person released astir 25,000 gallons of crude into the water, sidesplitting birds, food and mammals.

The mishap conscionable a fewer miles disconnected Huntington Beach successful Orange County fouled beaches and wetlands and led to impermanent closures for cleanup enactment . While not arsenic atrocious arsenic initially feared, it has reignited the statement implicit offshore drilling successful national waters successful the Pacific, wherever hundreds of miles of pipelines were installed decades ago.

The DANIT's operator, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, is headquartered successful Switzerland and has a fleet of 600 vessels and much than 100,000 workers, according to the company.

MSC representatives did not instantly respond to email messages seeking comment. A information defender reached by telephone astatine the company's office successful Geneva said it was closed until Monday.

The vessel's owner, identified by the Coast Guard arsenic Dordellas Finance Corporation, could not beryllium reached for comment.

The DANIT arrived successful Long Beach this play aft voyaging from China, according to marine postulation monitoring websites.

The probe into what caused the spill could pb to transgression charges oregon civilian penalties, but nary person been announced yet, and Kneen said the probe could proceed for months.

Attorneys for MSC and Dordellas volition person the accidental to analyse and cross-examine the government's witnesses successful the lawsuit and besides to telephone their ain witnesses, according to the Coast Guard. The probe besides includes the National Transportation Safety Board and different agencies.

Kneen declined to accidental if immoderate harm was recovered to an anchor connected the DANIT aft a squad of astatine slightest 5 investigators spent overmuch of Saturday aboard the ship.

At slightest 2 different vessels were antecedently boarded by investigators, who are examining logs kept by the ships' captains, officers and engineers and voyage information recorders -- equivalent to the alleged achromatic container connected airplanes.

In effect to the caller absorption connected the DANIT, the Houston-based proprietor of the damaged pipeline, Amplify Energy, thanked the Coast Guard for its continued enactment connected the case.

Amplify representatives person not straight responded to questions astir an hourslong hold betwixt an alarm indicating a imaginable occupation with the pipeline and the institution reporting the leak to national authorities.

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