Cocktail of the week: Pantechnicon’s sake and smoked clementine | The good mixer

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Clementines aren’t conscionable for Christmas, and this smoky involvement cocktail is simply a precise tasty and blase mode to usage up immoderate you inactive person knocking astir successful the effect bowl.

Sake and smoked clementine

Serves 1

For the burnt clarified clementine juice
1 clementine

For the drink
70ml good-quality involvement – we usage Terada Honke’s Gonin Musume
30ml burnt clarified clementine juice (see supra and method)
5ml agave nectar

First marque the burnt clarified clementine juice. Using tongs, clasp the clementine straight implicit the occurrence of a state ringing (or enactment it connected a metallic barbecue net) and grill, turning regularly, until the tegument is blackened and evenly grilled each over. Set speech to chill down to country temperature, past peel disconnected and discard the charred skin. Juice the fruit, past walk the foodstuff done a good strainer to region immoderate remaining solids.

To marque the drink, enactment everything successful a tiny cookware and vigor mildly until warmed done to astir 40C (alternatively, microwave it successful a heat-resistant solid for 20 seconds astatine 600W). Pour into a short, stubby vino solid oregon brandy snifter, and service ungarnished.

Gento Torigata, caput mixologist, Pantechnicon, London SW1