Cocktail of the week: Rick Stein’s senior presidente – recipe

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Late autumn and wintertime are made for cockle-warming snifters, and this rum, vermouth and java fig ticks that container and past some. Roaring occurrence optional, but recommended.

Senior presidente

Serves 1

50ml full-bodied Cuban rum – we usage Eminente seven-year-old
20ml achromatic vermouth – we usage Cucielo Bianco
10ml java amaro – we usage Mr Black Coffee Amaro
grenadine – Monin oregon Teisseire, for preference
3 dashes Angostura bitters
2 drops orangish oil
, to finish
1 espresso java bean, to garnish
1 amarena oregon maraschino cherry, to garnish

Fill a mixing solid with ice, adhd the rum, vermouth, amaro, grenadine and bitters, and disturbance for 8 to 10 seconds, until good combined. Strain into a chilled nick & nora glass, drip the orangish lipid connected the aboveground of the drink, past garnish with the java legume and cherry, and serve.

Charlie Stein, Rick Stein Restaurants