College football betting angles: This favorite may be ripe for letdown

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VSiN’s assemblage shot adept examines immoderate betting angles for a fistful of the apical games connected Saturday’s slate.

Michigan State (-3, 54) astatine Purdue

It’s shocking however existent the hangover imaginable feels successful this game. All of the ingredients are nicely successful place. Michigan State is coming disconnected a spectacular triumph implicit its rival. Sparty closed arsenic a four-point underdog, fell down 2 scores and inactive managed to propulsion disconnected a triumph implicit Jim Harbaugh.

Purdue closed arsenic 7.5-point underdog to Nebraska, and the Boilermakers won 28-23. Purdue, of course, already bushed Iowa this year, 24-7, successful Iowa City, erstwhile the Hawkeyes were ranked No. 2. In fact, they person assumed this relation rather nicely successful caller memory. While we should perfectly respect the Spartans aft past week, I can’t accidental an upset would beryllium a astonishment successful the least. This is simply a weird squad and weird spot to play astatine conscionable the close time.

Texas A&M (-4, 49.5) vs. Auburn

About six weeks ago, I’m not definite we had this crippled circled. But now? It’s immensely compelling, and Auburn and Texas A&M are 2 of the hottest teams successful the sport. Auburn upended Ole Miss successful Week 9, winning by 11 and covering the three-point spread. The Aggies were disconnected connected Saturday, though they person won 3 consecutive games (and covered the fig successful each three). This volition beryllium a fascinating trial for Auburn QB Bo Nix, who has truly improved implicit the people of the season. Texas A&M has the nation’s fourth-ranked scoring defense, which volition apt marque beingness much hard connected a backmost who truly thrives disconnected script. Auburn is nary slouch successful the antiaircraft section either, and I could spot this crippled being competitory and little scoring. I don’t peculiarly emotion betting Unders, but I mightiness here.

Arkansas (-5.5, 55.5) vs. Mississippi State

Mike Leach has a fascinating shot team, and we saw the imaginable against Kentucky connected Saturday. His quarterback, Will Rogers, completed an absurd 36 of 39 passes, and the Bulldogs cruised arsenic a abbreviated underdog. Heck, they adjacent ran the shot beauteous well, which they seldom do. They person present covered successful 3 of the past 4 games, though this volition surely beryllium a beauteous intriguing test. Arkansas comes into this week disconnected a bye, and the Hogs volition apt beryllium up for this. They’re 4-1 ATS successful location games this year, and this constituent dispersed speaks to the benignant of squad Arkansas inactive is contempt the losses. Although neither squad is ranked, the victor apt volition beryllium aft this.

North Carolina (-2.5, 75.5) vs. Wake Forest

At this point, it’s feeling regular to spot teams ranked adjacent oregon wrong the apical 10 getting points. We saw it with Iowa against Wisconsin past week, and the extremity effect was a Badgers blowout. Now, unbeaten Wake Forest, which is ranked successful the apical 10 for the archetypal clip ever, is catching a fewer points astatine North Carolina successful a crippled that could precise good interruption the scoreboard. The Tar Heels person not covered the dispersed successful 4 of the past 5 games, and they were incapable to screen the +3.5-point fig against Notre Dame past week. (Although they were close.) The Demon Deacons conscionable manhandled Duke, and the discourtesy has scored astatine slightest 35 points successful each crippled this year. The issue? The docket hasn’t been great. I emotion the season, though I’m conscionable keeping it real. This could beryllium a chaotic game, and I thin UNC.