Commonwealth Falls Short of Condemning Russia as Trudeau Prepares for G7

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau headed to the G7 acme successful Germany connected Saturday without a statement from the Commonwealth to condemn the Russian penetration of Ukraine, but with a chorus of countries calling for assistance to flooded the fallout of the war.

Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly arrived successful Kigali, the superior of Rwanda, connected Wednesday for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, which has been dominated by the concerns of nations that are suffering from nutrient scarcity. Trudeau departed for the G7 talkslater successful the day.

In the last communique from the Commonwealth summit, the 54 participating countries said they discussed the struggle successful Ukraine, ” underscored the request to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of each states,” and ” emphasized that each countries indispensable question peaceful solution to each disputes successful accordance with planetary law.”

The countries stopped abbreviated of condemning Russia, arsenic Trudeau and United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson person done passim the summit.

“I tin guarantee you that the taxable of lasting up for Ukraine was overmuch discussed,” Trudeau said astatine a property league pursuing the decision of the summit, referencing “strong language” successful the communique.

Most Commonwealth Nations condemned Russia’s actions astatine a United Nations ballot successful March, but 10 abstained. Among them was India, whose Prime Minister Narendra Modi opted not to be the Commonwealth acme and alternatively spoke virtually with the leaders of Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa.

Trudeau said Russian President Vladimir Putin has tally a disinformation run and has adjacent been “telling outright lies,” including blaming the nutrient information situation connected Western sanctions against Russia.

He said nutrient shortage stems from Russia’s amerciable actions, including blockade astatine cardinal ports, arsenic good arsenic the deliberate targeting of Ukrainian atom retention facilities done cruise rocket strikes.

“I was precise wide with our friends and partners astir the table, and not conscionable wide connected Russia’s responsibility, but connected however Canada and the West are stepping up,” Trudeau said.

Canada volition beryllium raising the increasing menace of famine astatine the G7 successful Schloss Elmau Germany, Joly said.

She said Canada was successful “listening mode” astatine the Commonwealth meetings, wherever leaders of smaller nations were capable to talk without the dominating beingness of the United States, Russia and China.

“What is wide to america is that Russia is weaponizing nutrient and putting a toll connected galore countries astir the world, and putting 50 cardinal lives astatine risk,” Joly told reporters Friday successful Rwanda.

Trudeau had attempted to conscionable with the seat of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, for respective days during the Commonwealth acme but the sit-down was repeatedly postponed and yet cancelled.

Shortly aft Trudeau arrived successful Rwanda, the authorities announced Canada would dedicate a caller ambassador to the African Union, which has suffered from the nutrient shortages inflicted connected the continent arsenic a effect of the warin Ukraine.

Both Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Putin person met with representatives of the African Union, with Russia blaming sanctions against its authorities for stopping the travel of grain.

At the decision of the Commonwealth summit, Trudeau announced $94 cardinal successful backing for assorted acquisition initiatives and $120 cardinal to enactment sex equality and women’s rights successful Commonwealth countries.

Some of the different voices the premier curate has promised to centre astatine his planetary meetings, including the G7 summit, beryllium to younker leaders who spoke astatine a Saturday-morning lawsuit focused connected issues facing young radical astir the world.

Some of the delegates spoke astir the devastating effects of clime change, peculiarly astir distant land nations wherever infrastructure cannot withstand earthy disasters and rebuilding efforts instrumentality years. The onslaught takes a toll connected acquisition and wellness services, 1 delegate told the forum.

By Laura Osman

The Canadian Press