Condoleezza Rice Denounces Critical Race Theory Curriculums Being Taught in Schools

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Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that a program that incorporates captious contention theory’s (CRT) ideas should not beryllium taught to schoolchildren, due to the fact that it sends the incorrect connection to young children—that 1 contention is little than the other.

“But if I could instrumentality a infinitesimal to speech astir the full contented of captious contention mentation and what is and is not being taught,” Rice said during an interrogation connected “The View” Wednesday. “One of the worries that I person astir the mode that we’re talking astir contention is that it either seems truthful large that someway achromatic radical present person to consciousness blameworthy for everything that happened successful the past—I don’t deliberation that’s precise productive—or achromatic radical person to consciousness disempowered by race.”

One of “The View” hosts, Sunny Hostin, countered Rice’s remark by saying that those who reason CRT don’t privation existent past being taught successful schools.

“People privation to fell past … that is precisely what we are seeing is this rollback of history. Parents don’t privation children to perceive astir the existent history,” said Hostin.

US-EDUCATION-RACISM-POLITICS People speech earlier the commencement of a rally against captious contention mentation (CRT) being taught successful schools, astatine the Loudoun County Government Center successful Leesburg, Va., connected June 12, 2021. (Andrew Cballlero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images)

Opponents of CRT accidental they privation each of the past of the United States taught including the past of slavery and segregation, but they bash not privation the divisive concepts similar systemic racism, achromatic supremacy, and sexually explicit acquisition being taught to their children.

Those who are opposed to CRT besides accidental the teaching materials being utilized successful schools are rooted successful the Marxist mentation of people struggle, but with a peculiar absorption connected race. Proponents of CRT spot racism successful each facet of the American nationalist and backstage beingness and question to dismantle American institutions—such arsenic the Constitution and ineligible system—which they assertion to beryllium inherently and irredeemably racist.

While schools person for years been softly infusing CRT into their curriculums, it wasn’t until past year, erstwhile lockdowns were enacted successful effect to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, that parents were capable to spot what their children were being taught. Since then, parents person been progressively stepping guardant to reason CRT owed to its racially divisive and anti-American concepts.

In the past year, parents crossed the federation person been voicing their absorption to this benignant of program during schoolhouse committee meetings. Rice besides stressed that parents should person a accidental successful what is taught to their children.

“Parents ought to beryllium progressive successful their children’s education. Their children are successful schoolhouse 7 hours, that’s a precise formative period. … they’re really homeschooling them successful expanding numbers, and I deliberation that’s a signal,” said Rice.

Professor Rice said that she lived done the injustices of the segregated South but her parents taught her that she could flooded her circumstances and that she was not a victim.

“I couldn’t spell to a movie theatre oregon to a edifice with my parents. I went to segregated schools, but we moved to Denver. My parents ne'er thought I was going to turn up successful a satellite without prejudice, but they besides told me, ‘that’s idiosyncratic else’s problem, not yours.’ You’re going to flooded it, and you are going to beryllium thing you privation to be, and that’s the connection that I deliberation we ought to beryllium sending the kids,” said Rice.

She said the mode contention is being taught successful schools disempowers achromatic children and vilifies achromatic children.

Asra Nomani of Virginia, the VP of strategy and probe with Parents Defending Education gave examples of however CRT vilifies achromatic students. She cited a publication called “Not My Idea” during a caller interrogation with NTD TV’s “The Nation Speaks.”

“This is simply a publication that has been work to children successful simple schools from Philadelphia to Texas. And 1 of the truly captious ideas present is this one, that whiteness is simply a atrocious idea, and the representation past is of the devil, and what has happened past is that achromatic radical person signed a declaration with the devil that ends up with stolen land, stolen riches, and peculiar favors.” Nomani said.

asra nomani portrait A record photograph of Asra Nomani. (Andrew Propp/Washingtonian Magazine)

Rice said she is opposed to teaching children that achromatic students are bad, arsenic Nomani pointed out.

“I would similar achromatic kids to beryllium wholly empowered to cognize that they are beauteous successful their blackness, but successful bid to bash that, I don’t person to marque achromatic kids consciousness atrocious for being white. So somehow, this is simply a speech that has gone successful the incorrect direction,” said Rice. “It goes backmost to however we thatch the history. We thatch the bully and we thatch the atrocious of history. But what we don’t bash is marque seven- and ten-year-olds consciousness that they are someway atrocious radical due to the fact that of the colour of their skin. We’ve been done that and we don’t request to bash that again.”

Rice was calved successful Birmingham, Alabama, and grew up portion the South was racially segregated. She was the archetypal pistillate achromatic caput of authorities and the archetypal pistillate to service arsenic National Security Advisor.

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