Condoleezza Rice Faces Backlash For Stance On Critical Race Theory On ‘The View’

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Fans dragged erstwhile Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice implicit comments she made regarding Critical Race Theory being taught successful schools connected ‘The View.’

During a treatment astir however overmuch power parents should person successful their children’s acquisition on The View on Wednesday October 20, manager of the Hoover Institution astatine Stanford University and erstwhile Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stirred up a rousing speech surrounding captious contention mentation being taught successful schools arsenic she impermanent co-hosted the daytime speech show. She voiced concerns astir the mode past is taught, and said she wanted to marque definite that achromatic students aren’t made to consciousness blameworthy successful the process.

Before the erstwhile caput of authorities gave her constituent of presumption connected the statement surrounding captious contention theory, she explained her inheritance and upbringing successful the southbound during segregation. “My parents ne'er thought I was going to turn up successful a satellite without prejudice, but they besides told me, ‘That’s idiosyncratic else’s problem, not yours. You’re going to flooded it, and you’re going to beryllium thing you privation to be,’ and that’s the connection that I deliberation we ought to beryllium sending to kids,” she said, and the assemblage applauded.

Condoleezza past turned to the mode contention is taught and discussed successful schools, and she said that she felt that it was imaginable to assistance up Black students without disparaging achromatic ones. “One of the worries that I person astir the mode we’re talking astir contention is that it either seems truthful large that someway achromatic radical present person to consciousness blameworthy for everything that happened successful the past – I don’t deliberation that’s precise productive – oregon Black radical person to consciousness disempowered by race. I would similar Black kids to beryllium wholly empowered, to cognize that they’re beauteous successful their Black-ness, but successful bid to bash that, I don’t person to marque achromatic kids consciousness atrocious for being white,” she said.

Condoleezza Rice stirred treatment astir captious contention mentation connected ‘The View.’ (Shutterstock)

Many viewers connected Twitter took contented with the erstwhile secretary’s stance connected the issue, peculiarly her interest for achromatic students. One instrumentality accused her of pushing guardant a mendacious communicative and said that captious contention mentation isn’t taught to children betwixt kindergarten and 12th grade. The Twitter idiosyncratic besides mentioned that “teaching existent past does NOT marque achromatic kids consciousness bad.”

I spot Condoleezza Rice is throwing astir enactment mendacious narratives. Crt is NOT taught successful k-12. Teaching existent past does NOT marque achromatic kids consciousness bad. If Black kids, Spanish kids, and Asian kids tin acquisition racism astatine a early, than achromatic kids tin larn astir it.#TheView

— Tie ✊🏾🐝✊🏾🐝 (@Tyecolt) October 20, 2021

So fto maine get this straight, Black kids already consciousness atrocious knowing that this state enslaved their ancestors and dainty them arsenic little than but Condoleezza Rice is disquieted astir however achromatic kids consciousness erstwhile teaching radical history??? #TheView

— Rory Wallace (@TriniTenor) October 20, 2021

Wow. Did not expect Condoleezza Rice connected #TheView to beryllium a protagonist of achromatic fragility.

— Equally Divided (@DividedEqually) October 20, 2021

Condoleezza Rice tin spell backmost to surviving disconnected the radar successful CA. I was looking guardant to proceeding from her, but she is inactive the aforesaid from 20 years ago. She doesn't privation captious contention mentation due to the fact that she is much acrophobic astir achromatic people's feelings. 😑🙄😒#TheView

— #TashaTaughtYou (@VoGueViXenTASH) October 20, 2021

While immoderate radical took contented with Condoleezza’s stance, different radical celebrated her quality on The View. One instrumentality said she “really held her own” astatine the table. Another spectator praised the erstwhile caput of authorities for having the speech successful a civilized manor with the women. “Condoleezza Rice and Whoopi Goldberg are discussing Critical Race Theory with nuance; nary 1 has thrown a temper tantrum and demanded an apology due to the fact that of differing views,” she tweeted and besides wrote that she didn’t consciousness similar the 2 women were “that acold apart” successful their opinions.

I uncertainty Condoleezza Rice would permission her occupation astatine Stanford but she was a darn bully co-host of #TheView today. Really held her own.

Or possibly I'm conscionable lowering my standards due to the fact that Meghan McCain was truthful atrocious lol idiosyncratic archer me

— Michael A (@Michael092218) October 20, 2021

Condoleezza Rice and Whoopi Goldberg are discussing Critical Race Theory with nuance; nary 1 has thrown a temper tantrum and demanded an apology due to the fact that of differing views. Rice wants Black students to beryllium empowered and doesn't privation achromatic ones to consciousness guilty. #TheView

— Stephanie. (@qsteph) October 20, 2021

On the show, Whoopi chimed successful to notation that educators should beryllium capable to negociate the nuances of teaching astir race. “The full thought of teaching past is truthful we don’t repetition it. I deliberation that if you’re a bully teacher, you don’t thatch to marque a achromatic kid consciousness bad. You’re expected to say, ‘Listen, you didn’t bash immoderate of this, but you should cognize what happened,'” she said. The erstwhile authorities caput said that she felt it was important to analyse precisely however past is taught. Whoopi retorted with a objection that an contented similar slavery is an intolerable to ignore. “There’s nary mode to fell the information that achromatic radical owned Black people,” she said.

Sunny Hostin mentioned that she felt there’d been a “roll back” of past and radical wanting to “hide” definite aspects of it. Condoleezza reiterated that she didn’t consciousness past should beryllium taught successful specified a mode that children should consciousness liable for things that  happened successful the past. “It goes backmost to however we thatch the history. We thatch the bully and the bad, but what we don’t bash is marque 7 and 10-year-olds consciousness that they are someway atrocious people, due to the fact that of the colour of their skin. We’ve been done that, and we don’t request to bash that again,” she said. Joy Behar hopped successful to question if making radical consciousness atrocious was what radical had successful mind. “That doesn’t look to beryllium portion of the plan,” Joy said, but Condoleezza responded: “It is portion of the plan.”

Condoleezza spoke astir her sentiment connected however acquisition should beryllium taught successful the U.S. (Shutterstock)

Whoopi tried to punctual the ladies astatine the array that they did request to instrumentality a commercialized break, and arsenic the comedian told viewers that they’d instrumentality soon, Joy and Condoleezza continued their discussion. As euphony started earlier cutting to commercials, the erstwhile caput of authorities could beryllium heard saying, “We each person to larn astir our history, but we besides person to admit that we person to unrecorded together, and we’re going to bash amended surviving unneurotic if we don’t marque each different consciousness guilty.”