Connecticut State Rep. Resigns After Allegedly Pocketing $600,000 in COVID-19 Relief Funds

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Connecticut State Rep. Michael DiMassa, a Democrat, resigned Thursday pursuing an probe into allegations helium misused much than $600,000 successful COVID-19 alleviation funds.

DiMassa sent the missive to the Secretary of State Thursday to extremity his relation arsenic typical of the 116th territory immediately.

“It is with heavy regret that I hereby resign from the Office of State Representative of the 116th General Assembly effectual immediately,” DiMassa wrote (pdf).

The authorities typical has faced accusations of misappropriating much than $600,000 successful COVID-19 alleviation funds to the state, according to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut.

DiMassa surrendered to instrumentality enforcement connected Oct. 20 pursuing an probe by the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, the FBI, and the Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to a press release from the state’s attorney’s office.

He appeared earlier U.S. District Judge Sarah Merriam successful New Haven and was released connected a $250,000 bond.

“Beginning successful February 2021, Compass Investment Group LLC fraudulently billed the City of West Haven and its ‘COVID-19 Grant Department’ for consulting services purportedly provided to the West Haven Health Department that were not performed.  From February 2021 done September 2021, the City of West Haven paid Compass Investment Group a full of $636,783.70,” the connection said.

“It is further alleged that DiMassa made respective ample currency withdrawals from the Compass Investment Group LLC slope account, immoderate of which were made soon earlier oregon aft helium was recorded arsenic having made a ample currency ‘buy-in’ of gaming chips astatine the Mohegan Sun Casino,” the connection added.

The complaint against DiMassa was ligament fraud. The complaint carries a maximum condemnation of 20 years successful prison.

West Haven Mayor Nancy Rossi released a connection pursuing DiMassa’s arrest.

“I privation to commend the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) connected its speedy probe and apprehension of Rep. Michael A. DiMassa. If Representative DiMassa broke the public’s spot and his oath to support and service his constituents and is recovered blameworthy of fraudulent activity, I americium demanding that helium and immoderate different individual(s) progressive beryllium held accountable and prosecuted to the afloat grade of the law. If convicted, each individuals progressive should spell to jail,” she wrote (pdf).

“As I stated erstwhile I recovered and reported this probable fraudulent activity, I volition update our residents erstwhile accusation becomes disposable and erstwhile its merchandise volition not compromise the ongoing investigation,” Rossi added.

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