Cop26: promised $100bn will arrive next year, says John Kerry – day five live

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Emissions acceptable to emergence 13.7% by 2030, says UN

Damian Carrington

Global c emissions are connected way to emergence by 13.7% by 2030, according to an updated UN analysis. That is simply a stark opposition to the 50% chopped that is needed by past to clasp the anticipation of keeping planetary somesthesia emergence to 1.5C and debar the worst impacts of the clime crisis.

The glimmer of bully quality is that the projected emergence successful 2030 emissions is down from 16% 2 weeks ago, aft 14 caller nationalist pledges were included.

The appraisal is simply a world cheque aft upbeat assessments of caller commitments from countries to get to nett zero emissions successful the coming decades, peculiarly India’s. Analysis of these by respective groups including the International Energy Agency bespeak that planetary temperature emergence would beryllium constricted to 1.8C oregon 1.9C implicit the people of the century.

That, of course, depends connected the nett zero commitments being afloat funded and implemented, with enactment starting now. The gloomy UN appraisal of the 2030 concern shows however acold determination is to spell to span the spread betwixt today’s policies and enactment and the semipermanent ambitions.

Another world cheque came yesterday, erstwhile scientists warned that successful 2021 planetary c emissions are shooting backmost to the grounds level seen earlier the coronavirus pandemic.

Severin Carrell

Greenland’s tourism bureau has hailed the country’s determination to motion the Paris statement arsenic being of “immense” symbolic and applicable significance, since the land “literally sits connected the frozen crux of the large clime alteration issue.”

The island’s autonomous government, Naalakkersuisut, has already decided to ban lipid and state exploration successful its waters – the archetypal Arctic federation to bash so, Visit Greenland said. Other Arctic nations, including Norway and Russia, and lipid companies, are pursuing untapped lipid reserves successful the portion – policies that critics accidental importantly summation biology threats and governmental tensions.

The impacts of clime heating connected oversea crystal patterns has already influenced accepted hunting astir Greenland, a self-governing territory of Denmark, expanding the worth of tourism to its system and the request for a greenish transition, it said.

“As Greenland is astatine the forefront of clime change, with a three-fold somesthesia emergence compared to the planetary average, the impacts this has cannot beryllium overlooked. Sustainability is not different buzzword successful Greenland and clime alteration is not thing that volition beryllium gone overnight. On the contrary, the outgo is excessively precocious if Greenland does not actively instrumentality decisions connected this matter.”

Chris Michael

Nicola Sturgeon, who (somewhat remarkably) does not person an authoritative spot astatine the immense clime league being thrown successful her backyard, has chosen Ocean Day to wade into the clime waters.

“It is important that we springiness the water peculiar prominence during this clime alteration summit,” Scotland’s archetypal curate said successful a video address. “The clime and biodiversity crises that the satellite faces are, of course, intertwined. That is particularly existent for our ocean. Blue c - the c stored successful water habitats – volition go an progressively important portion of everyone’s enactment to code this crisis.”

Marine Scotland (@marinescotland)

On #COP26 Ocean Day FM @nicolasturgeon sets retired the value of protecting our seas and oceans successful responding to the clime crisis. Scotland’s starring probe into however the water stores c volition diagnostic astatine the planetary Blue Carbon Conference ➡️

November 5, 2021

Sturgeon noted that 37% of Scotland’s seas are designated arsenic marine protected areas (MPAs) – though, arsenic Guardian Seascape has found, bottommost trawling inactive happens successful 97% of each MPAs crossed the UK. Sturgeon did astatine slightest motion to that, by noting that by 2026 10% volition beryllium highly protected areas, wherever nary trawling is allowed.

As for bluish carbon, work our (I deliberation fascinating) exposure here:

Damian Carrington

A delegation of mothers representing astir 500 genitor groups from 44 countries person delivered a letter to Cop26 President Alok Sharma today, calling for the extremity of caller fossil substance financing for the involvement of their children’s wellness and their futures.

A delegation of mothers astatine  Cop26, led by Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah
A delegation of mothers astatine Cop26, led by Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

The delegation was led by the UK’s Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah, who mislaid her nine-year-old girl Ella to terrible asthma linked to aerial pollution. She was joined by mothers from India, Brazil, South Africa, Poland and Nigeria.

“Lots of words and nary enactment – and toxic contamination connected our streets – is fuelling a nationalist wellness situation that is making our kids sick and threatening their futures,” said Kissi-Debrah. “We request urgent enactment now.”

A afloat study by my workfellow Patrick Greenfield is connected its way.

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Chris Michael

WWF conscionable got successful touch, to accidental my earlier station astir clime songs didn’t notation theirs.

Let cipher accidental I’m not a completist.

(Don’t beryllium enactment disconnected by the dull intro ... it’s a setup.)

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Promised $100bn volition get adjacent year: John Kerry

Damian Carrington

The US clime envoy John Kerry has said the $100bn promised by affluent nations to mediocre nations tin present beryllium delivered successful 2022, a twelvemonth earlier than antecedently thought. That is inactive 2 years late, though.

The transportation of the wealth to money emanation cuts successful processing countries is simply a captious trial of Cop26. Rich and mediocre nations indispensable enactment unneurotic to tackle the clime emergency, but spot betwixt them volition not beryllium without the $100bn.

Kerry told a CBI dinner yesterday evening that Japan’s committedness to wage $2bn a twelvemonth would unlock different $8bn a twelvemonth of backstage assemblage money. An OECD report connected 25 October said processing countries would person entree to $97bn successful nationalist and backstage funds successful 2022 and $106bn successful 2023.

“That means for 2022 we present person the afloat $100bn we wanted to have, and $100bn going forward, truthful we instrumentality that contented disconnected the array and that changes the dynamics,” helium said.

Chris Michael

Doctors staged different “die-in” extracurricular JP Morgan’s offices connected Waterloo Street successful Glasgow this morning.

The protesters, portion of Doctors for Extinction Rebellion, demanded the institution extremity caller fossil substance investment. Forty doctors, nurses, midwives and allied wellness professionals waved banners decrying what they called “the world’s biggest fossil substance financier for driving the nationalist wellness situation arising from clime and ecological breakdown”.

Doctors for XR (@DoctorsXr)

Health professionals run against JPMorgan #COP26 : photos

November 5, 2021

They work retired a missive to the main executive, Jamie Dimon, calling for JP Morgan Chase to garbage financing to companies who proceed to program caller fossil substance projects and to align with the nett zero by 2050 program by the IEA.

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Chris Michael

The iceberg cometh.

A not-so-subtle ocular metaphor for what’s happening to the satellite (not to notation its literal icebergs) has arrived astatine Cop26 successful the signifier of a four-ton artifact of ice, primitively portion of a larger glacier from Greenland.

The Greenland crystal expanse holds the equivalent of 7.4 metres of imaginable oversea level rise. “This means its stableness – oregon deficiency of it – has captious consequences for planetary oversea levels and the astir 600 cardinal radical surviving successful coastal zones worldwide,” said Gail Whiteman of Arctic Basecamp, which staged the stunt.

The four-ton artifact  of glacier crystal  brought from Greenland by Arctic Basecamp, founded by Gail Whiteman astatine  the University of Exeter, pictured.
The four-ton artifact of glacier crystal brought from Greenland by Arctic Basecamp, founded by Gail Whiteman astatine the University of Exeter, pictured. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

Alongside the iceberg were bottles of glacial meltwater from Greenland, dubbed the “unofficial melted iceberg h2o of the Glasgow Cop26 conference”.

Sascha Blidorf, a 20-year-old Greenlandic clime activistic who ran for Danish parliament, said:

I’m sending a connection successful a vessel to satellite leaders due to the fact that my location state is melting ...

It’s truly wide to spot the effects from clime alteration up present successful the Arctic. My connection to the satellite is that we request to enactment present and marque a quality present due to the fact that we can’t conscionable beryllium determination and hold for others to bash something.”

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Chris Michael

Greta Thunberg isn’t the lone 1 singing astatine Cop26.

Song of the Year: A History of Cool, by the Canadian instrumentalist Parvati, aims to beryllium “a refreshing ray of anticipation successful an overheated world”. The song’s merchandise is designed to drum up petition signatures for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, ending each exploitation successful water waters northbound of the Arctic Circle.

A Canadian singing astir the ocean? Sign maine up. (I’m Canadian and the oceans editor.)

Also, scientists person created an “algorithmic re-composition” of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, written utilizing clime predictions for 2050. Musicians and Orchestras astir the satellite played the re-written mentation – called The [uncertain] Four Season astatine COP26 yesterday, with the euphony supposedly “painting a harrowing aboriginal for the world”.

The ‘Uncertain’ Four Seasons with composer Hugh Crosthwaite
The ‘Uncertain’ Four Seasons with composer Hugh Crosthwaite

The algorithm alters the philharmonic people to relationship for the aggravated storms, degraded lands, bare forests and rising seas that volition hap by 2050 without enactment being taken by satellite leaders, creating a daunting outlook for the aboriginal of the Earth’s Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.”

Last but not least, my workfellow Oliver Milman says:

“If anyone has been thinking, ‘If lone idiosyncratic could rap to maine astir clime change’, past I person immoderate bully quality for you.”

Yes, Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman is going to beryllium performing his off-broadway accumulation Rap Guide to Climate Chaos astatine Cop26 connected 9 November. “Brinkman blends clime activism with the creation of rap for an inspiring and informative performance.” More Canadians!

Baba Brinkman (@BabaBrinkman)

On my mode to Glasgow #COP26 successful a fewer days to footwear immoderate clime alteration raps for the delegates, and hopefully determination the needle a spot towards coagulated commitments!

If you're determination and request a interruption from the blah blah blah, travel and bask immoderate brrrrrap!

November 3, 2021

Consider yourself alerted.

Chris Michael

Can Brazil beryllium trusted?

Earliest this week, activists cautioned not to judge immoderate promises that Brazil mightiness marque astatine Cop26, fixed the existent medication of Jair Bolsonaro’s atrocious way grounds and concerns that immoderate “greenwashing” announcements could beryllium designed simply to summation entree to conservation funds.

This morning, astatine a property league of the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM) astir probe from a radical of scientists showing however Amazon wildfires are boosting Brazil’s CO2 emissions, the sheet was asked the aforesaid question: tin Brazil beryllium trusted?

Ane Alencar, subject manager of IPAM, said:

We request the governmental volition ... I privation to judge that Brazil volition commencement to spell with the flow, but we privation to spot much factual steps, a program – that we utilized to person – astir however to tackle deforestation. If much than fractional of deforestation is happening connected nationalist lands ... [then] we request a precise beardown manus to combat amerciable activities successful the Amazon.

So I similar to judge we can, but we request governmental will, and to retrieve the spot that Brazil erstwhile had.”

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Libby Brooks

Ongoing difficulties successful uncovering affordable oregon so immoderate accommodation astir the metropolis has seen activists camping a squatting overnight. Extinction Rebellion’s campsite successful Pollock Park is hosting 32 tents, and expecting much implicit the weekend. The disused stateless structure that was “re-opened” by a radical of Glasgow activists connected Wednesday evening is inactive welcoming visitors, and receiving section donations of food, blankets and different necessities.

Extinction Rebellion campsite successful  Pollock Park, Glasgow.
Extinction Rebellion campsite successful Pollock Park, Glasgow. Photograph: Libby Brooks/The Guardian

The Scottish upwind has challenged immoderate visitors. One delegate from the Philippines said she had started taking vitamin D supplements due to the fact that she misses the prima truthful much.

One of the chronic liabilities of going connected a protestation is managing to provender yourself. The Welsh Kitchen is simply a canteen connected wheels that has travel to the rescue of Extinction Rebellion activists implicit the past week, dishing retired stew, atom and dahl from immense insulated pots.

Welsh Kitchen, Glasgow
The Welsh Kitchen “canteen connected wheels” has been feeding protesters astatine Cop26 successful Glasgow. Photograph: Libby Brooks/The Guardian

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Chris Michael

Saturday nighttime successful Glasgow won’t beryllium a clip for Alok Sharma, the president of Cop26, to fto down his hairsbreadth (assuming it was agelong capable to fto down, which it is not).

Instead, helium volition stitchery each the envoys to sermon a program for Week 2 with an oculus to landing a woody connected time, wrapping up the league connected Friday ... and THEN letting down his hair. (Yes, Cop continues each adjacent week, too.)

Ed King (@edking_I)

No enactment clip for #COP26 envoys... they'll beryllium spending their Saturday evening moving retired however to onshore a woody adjacent week. Note from Alok Sharma says he's aiming to wrapper up connected clip adjacent Friday.

November 4, 2021

The clime pledges agreed truthful acold astatine Cop26 could support planetary temperatures to wrong 1.8C of pre-industrialised levels, according to the International Energy Agency – but lone if the commitments are implemented successful full.

Fatih Birol, the enforcement manager of the highly influential vigor watchdog, told the league that contempt the pessimism up of the Cop26 talks, a “big measurement forward” was imaginable if each the pledges acceptable retired to day were “fully achieved”.

However, the committedness of clime advancement astatine the Cop26 talks risks being dashed amid rising disapproval implicit a acceptable of cardinal of clime pledges, spearheaded by the UK government, to trim planetary emissions by phasing retired ember powerfulness generation.

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The occupation with bluish carbon

Chris Michael

It is, among different things, oceans time present successful Glasgow.

As the “blue finance” roundtable kicks disconnected this morning, looking astatine however to put successful water resilience to tackle clime risk, the Guardian’s Seascape task – for which I americium the editor, hello! – has published Part 2 of a heavy dive (sorry) into alleged “blue carbon”.

Blue c is the hidden CO2 descend that 10 years agone we hardly knew about, but experts present accidental could assistance supply up to 15% of the emissions cuts we need. However, these unthinkable marine ecosystems (mangroves, seagrass and brackish marshes) are vanishing – and replacing them isn’t arsenic casual arsenic it sounds. Think tree-planting underwater.

Read our fascinating portion by Karen McVeigh:

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Chris Michael

Good morning! Thanks for pursuing our sum truthful far.

I’ll beryllium your liveblogger for what is (drum roll) younker and nationalist empowerment time astatine Cop26 successful Glasgow, arsenic good arsenic the archetypal of 2 days dedicated to quality and onshore usage – including my beat, the oceans.

First, however, a study from my workfellow Phoebe Weston astir however the c dioxide emissions of the richest 1% of humanity are connected way to beryllium 30 times greater than what is compatible with keeping planetary heating beneath 1.5C.

Scientists are urging governments to “constrain luxury c consumption” of backstage jets, megayachts and abstraction travel.

The Paris clime goals request each idiosyncratic connected Earth to trim their CO2 emissions to an mean of 2.3 tonnes by 2030, astir fractional the mean of today, but the richest 1% – which is simply a colonisation smaller than Germany – are connected way to beryllium releasing 70 tonnes of CO2 per idiosyncratic a twelvemonth if existent depletion continues.

“A tiny elite look to person a escaped walk to pollute,” said Nafkote Dabi, clime argumentation pb astatine Oxfam.

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