Cop26: World still heading for catastrophe, says new analysis – day 11 live

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End trillions successful subsidies fixed to fossil substance industry, says UN chief

Damian Carrington

The UN caput general, António Guterres, has addressed the Cop26 acme arsenic it enters its captious phase, wherever nations indispensable compromise to present a woody to support the people of 1.5C of planetary heating wrong reach.

The announcements present successful Glasgow connected forests, methane, clean technology and much were encouraging, helium said. “But they are acold from enough. The emissions gap remains a devastating threat. The finance and adaptation gap correspond a glaring injustice for the processing world.”

Promises ringing hollow erstwhile the fossil fuels manufacture inactive receives trillions successful subsidies, arsenic measured by the IMF,” helium said. “Or erstwhile countries are inactive gathering ember plants.”

“Governments request to prime up the gait and amusement the indispensable ambition – we cannot settee for the lowest communal denominator,” Guterres said. Cop decisions are reached by consensus betwixt 196 countries, alternatively than voting, making ambitious enactment hard to agree.

But Guterres besides deed an optimistic note: “I americium inspired by the mobilisation of civilian society, by the moral dependable of young people keeping our feet to the fire, by the dynamism and illustration of indigenous communities, by the tireless engagement of women’s groups, by the enactment of much and much cities astir the world, by a increasing consciousness arsenic the backstage assemblage aligns equilibrium sheets and concern decisions astir nett zero.”

The UN caput wide besides highlighted a forthcoming, UN-backed assemblage to exposure greenwash from companies pledging to chopped emissions without credible – oregon immoderate – plans to conscionable them.

“We person a captious wide of planetary commitments to net-zero. We indispensable present zoom successful connected the prime and implementation of plans,” helium said. “That is wherefore I person decided to found a High-Level Expert Group to suggest wide standards to measurement and analyse nett zero commitments from non-state actors. We request enactment if commitments are to walk the credibility test.”

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Jessica Murray

Jamen Shively, the singing Darth Vader.
Jamen Shively, the singing Darth Vader. Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/The Guardian

Every greeting connected their mode into Cop26, thousands of delegates person been greeted by the antithetic show of Darth Vader singing extracurricular the entranceway to the venue.

The antheral successful question is Jamen Shivley, who wants to usage his unsocial level to animate “collective conversations”. “It’s not a protest, if it was a protestation I would beryllium opposed to something,” helium said. “I’m trying to animate a speech connected however we save, heal and alteration beingness connected earth. Starting with however we chill the planet.”

His costume is simply a notation to Star Wars: Episode IV “when the Death Star is moving successful to scope to stroke up the planet”, helium said. “Time is moving out, it’s getting successful range. We request to motorboat the pitchy fighters, reddish person to golden leader. It’s a telephone to enactment and urgency.”

Shivley, who travelled to the league from his location connected an land disconnected the seashore of Washington successful the US, said helium has been singing Spanish emotion songs, arsenic good arsenic immoderate of his favourites specified arsenic Georgy Girl, Don’t You (Forget About Me) and Raindrops Keep Falling connected My Head, with immoderate twists to the lyrics to assistance get his connection across.

He has been extracurricular Cop singing each time travel rainfall oregon shine, but adjacent a Sith Lord needs to remainder sometimes, helium said. “I americium quality and contempt my dependable amplification, I was starting to get rather bushed truthful I had to person a interruption connected Tuesday.”

Abbi Garton-Crosbie (@agc_reports)

This feline dressed arsenic Darth Vader is having the clip of his beingness extracurricular #COP26. He conscionable said “it’s enactment time, get into it” arsenic I was walking distant 😂

November 10, 2021

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Climate protest
An activistic imitating Argentinian erstwhile archetypal woman Maria Eva Duerte de Peron, Evita, attends a protestation calling connected leaders attending the Cop26 league to compensate fiscal debt. A radical of Argentine citizens are demanding that developed nations wage their ecological debt. Photograph: Robert Perry/EPA

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World inactive heading for clime catastrophe

New Cop26 pledges announced connected methane, coal, transport and deforestation could nudge the satellite 9% person to a pathway that keeps heating to 1.5C, according to a study by the world’s astir respected clime investigation coalition.

Jonathan Watts reports connected a caller investigation that shows commitments announced successful Glasgow inactive permission the satellite heading towards ever much unsafe levels of heating.

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Tom Levitt

Today is cities and buildings time astatine Cop26 and my workfellow Chris Michaels, a erstwhile exertion of the superb Guardian Cities, is moving an lawsuit Cities4Children close present proceeding from the voices of youth, section governments and experts astir their solutions for the clime crisis.

Chris has conscionable referenced this study that estimates 20,000 puerility asthma cases and 65,000 adverse commencement outcomes could beryllium prevented annually by achieving ‘net zero’ successful 16 cities.

You tin ticker a livestream of the lawsuit here.

It’s astonishing to deliberation what a metropolis that was for children would look similar ... I’m definite my six-year-old would beryllium precise blessed if helium was capable to thrust crossed a mega-sized junction similar these Spanish schoolchildren!

Adam Tranter (@adamtranter)

Barcelona has an astonishing schoolhouse rhythm autobus each Friday. Wherever you are successful the world, fewer kids volition spot this and deliberation “I’d similar to beryllium driven to schoolhouse instead”.

When the task started determination were conscionable 5 children taking part. Change tin hap

October 16, 2021

If you’re funny successful this topic, here’s different bully work connected the topic:

And present is immoderate much inspiration:

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My workfellow Damian Carrington has been collecting absorption to the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance – a nine of countries committed to phasing retired lipid and state accumulation founded by Denmark and Costa Rica.

Six nations volition articulation the confederation arsenic afloat members including France, Greenland, Ireland, Quebec, Sweden and Wales. The authorities of California, Portugal, and New Zealand volition besides articulation the confederation arsenic subordinate members, and Italy volition articulation arsenic a Friends of BOGA.

All countries, including BOGA members, must present perpetrate to ending each caller lipid and state projects, including successful already licensed areas, and planetary northbound producing countries indispensable commencement reducing accumulation instantly and astatine an accelerated gait arsenic portion of an equitable signifier retired of planetary fossil substance production.

Bob Ward, the argumentation manager astatine the Grantham Research Institute connected Climate Change astatine the London School of Economics, said:

This is simply a invited and captious inaugural to accelerate an extremity to the property of fossil fuels. The International Energy Agency made wide earlier this twelvemonth that limiting warming to 1.5C and reaching nett zero emissions by 2050 means nary caller improvement of oil, ember and gas. Logically, every state that has present acceptable a 2050 nett zero target, including the UK and United States, should beryllium joining this alliance.

The UK whitethorn person led the mode connected committing to nett zero emissions, but it indispensable present code the epic contradiction of continuing to assistance lipid and state licences successful the North Sea.”

Romain Ioualalen, Oil Change International:

It’s a turning point. For acold excessively long, clime negotiations person ignored the basal world that keeping 1.5C live requires an equitable planetary program to support fossil fuels successful the ground. [But] the instauration of this confederation puts to shame claims of clime enactment among countries similar the UK, Norway, US, and Canada, each of which person yet to reply this elemental question: Where is your program to halt producing the fossil fuels that are driving the clime crisis?”

Mohamed Adow, Power Shift Africa:

In bid to statesman healing from the clime catastrophe we person created we indispensable archetypal halt digging our mode to destruction. In Africa, we are acutely alert of the suffering that fossil fuels tin origin yet we person done astir thing to origin this suffering.”

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Tom Levitt

With outright clime subject denial relegated to the fringes, opponents of urgent enactment connected clime exigency person been forced to power tack. Jack Shenker has been penning astir however the plight of a disused airdrome successful Kent has seen the climate crisis tangled up in civilization wars.

The biggest azygous menace to the nett zero modulation is simply a civilization war-style backlash that heavy politicises this docket and spooks governments into moving much slowly.

Protest emblem  astatine  airport
An England emblem bearing the words ‘Fight for Manston Airport, ne'er surrender’, connected show successful 2015, the twelvemonth aft it closed. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images
Adam Corner (@AJCorner)

Big urge connected this portion connected clime 'inactivism' by @hackneylad

It cautiously unpicks the tangled social/political threads and crucially doesn't disregard the v existent concerns astir inequality that the outgo of nett zero assemblage is present playing on

November 11, 2021

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Police creating ambiance of fear, protesters say

Police officers astatine  protest
Police officers basal defender arsenic demonstrators protestation during the UN Climate Change Conference. Photograph: Russell Cheyne/Reuters

Accumulated incidents of police intimidation, harassment and aggression towards activists astatine Cop26 are creating “an ambiance of fearfulness and repression” connected the streets of Glasgow and person had a chilling effect connected protest, reports my workfellow Libby Brooks.

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Tom Levitt

We’re present heading into the day league of the penultimate time of Cop26. As my workfellow Oliver Holmes has said, we’re expecting the talks to go much fraught arsenic the deadline looms.

Expect much calls from processing countries for much fiscal help from affluent ones (who are besides the humanities polluters) and more statement connected phasing retired the usage of fossil fuels (as good arsenic the trillions spent subsidising them).

Josh Gabbatiss (@Josh_Gabbatiss)

Bolivian negotiator astatine #COP26 for the LMDCs - radical that includes China and India - emphasises that countries are not each arsenic liable for clime change. “History matters."

Also says “developed countries person a past of breached promises.”

November 11, 2021

But if the deficiency of advancement starts to depress you, it’s bully to beryllium reminded of immoderate positives...

James Murray (@James_BG)

If you're looking for #COP26 upsides it's notable nary 1 is arguing astir the science, nary 1 is arguing astir whether clime alteration is simply a crisis, and nary 1 is arguing whether we request to get to nett zero emissions oregon not. The disagreements are each astir precisely however we deliver.

November 11, 2021

Tom Levitt present taking implicit the unrecorded blog passim the remainder of the afternoon. You tin email maine astatine [email protected], oregon nonstop maine a connection connected Twitter astatine @tom_levitt.

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Morning Summary

Oliver Holmes

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Oliver Holmes

Looks similar idiosyncratic gave John Kerry immoderate Irn-Bru.

US peculiar   clime  envoy, John Kerry speaks during a associated  China and US connection    connected  a declaration enhancing clime  enactment   successful  the 2020’s during the COP26 clime  alteration  conference.
US peculiar clime envoy, John Kerry speaks during a associated China and US connection connected a declaration enhancing clime enactment successful the 2020’s during the COP26 clime alteration conference. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/AFP/Getty Images

A caller planetary confederation targeting an extremity to caller lipid and state projects has failed to person cardinal oil-producing countries to prohibition fossil substance exploration at Cop26 this week.

The Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance launched contiguous nether co-chairs Denmark and Costa Rica – with France, Ireland, Wales, Sweden, Greenland, Quebec, California and New Zealand alongside the founding members.

Under the alliance, these regions person each signed up to mounting a deadline connected caller lipid and state licensing – but they were each comparatively humble oil-producing nations that person already enactment guardant plans to prohibition caller lipid and state exploration successful the past.

The alliance does not see the world’s biggest lipid producers – the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Canada – oregon Europe’s largest producers, the UK and Norway.

Tessa Khan, manager of the UK NGO Uplift, said: “This confederation shows however acold down the UK has fallen erstwhile it comes to genuine clime leadership. While our neighbours powerfulness past fossil fuels, Boris Johnson is contemplating approving caller lipid and state projects, similar the Cambo field.”

The deficiency of enactment from caller regions consenting to people a cut-off for caller fossil substance projects, which the International Energy Agency has warned is captious to limiting planetary heating to 1.5C, has travel amid increasing interest that the Cop26 draught last agreement fails to spell acold capable successful tackling fossil fuels.

Murray Worthy, a campaigner astatine Global Witness, said: “The subject is wide – we indispensable commencement phasing retired each fossil fuels, starting now, if we’re to person a anticipation of limiting warming to 1.5°C. Yet this statement falls spectacularly short – lone calling for an accelerated signifier retired of coal, and an extremity to taxpayers bankrolling the fossil substance manufacture done subsidies.

“This simply does not lucifer the ambition radical each implicit the satellite person looked to Cop26 for. Nor does it lucifer what is needed to avert the clime situation the satellite is presently experiencing,” helium added.

The UK premier minister, Boris Johnson, was asked astir the confederation yesterday and said helium volition “look” astatine what they are doing.

Colin Fernandez (@colin_gram)

Asked by @bwebster135 if the UK should articulation the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance @cop26 & signifier retired lipid and state successful 30 years, @BorisJohnson said: 'We'll look astatine what Denmark and Costa Rica are doing'. #BOGA & 'we privation to determination beyond hydrocarbons'

November 10, 2021

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Oliver Holmes

Forty-three British members of parliament person written to the overseas secretary, Liz Truss, successful the last days of Cop26, calling connected the UK authorities to propulsion for indebtedness cancellation for climate-vulnerable countries.

Signatory MPs are from Labour, the SNP, Sinn Féin, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats.

The missive reads:

After centuries of exploitation and underdevelopment by affluent countries, the planetary South is present being forced to face the clime exigency with some hands tied down its back.

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Damian Carrington

Civil nine present has the level astatine Cop26 – they are not happy with the existent authorities of the draught statement text.

Teresa Anderson, from ActionAid and speaking for the UN-recognised Climate Action Network, told delegates:

Cop26 is the accidental to beryllium that you are superior astir preventing a deepening of the clime crisis. But alternatively of doing what is needed, your draught decisions bash not supply justness oregon connection enactment to the millions already facing nonaccomplishment and harm owed to clime change. Nor bash they support 1.5C successful show to avert aboriginal worsening impacts.

Let america beryllium clear, limiting unsafe warming to 1.5C requires each fossil fuels to beryllium phased retired – not lone coal, but besides lipid and gas.

The signifier retired of ember is mentioned successful the draught substance – the archetypal clip immoderate Cop substance has named a fossil substance – but not lipid and gas.

Anderson had harsh words for the negotiations connected article 6 – the rules for a planetary c marketplace to let nations to bargain c credits from others, alternatively of cutting emissions themselves.

We can’t judge we really person to marque the pursuing remarks that human rights and rights of indigenous peoples are not negotiable and indispensable beryllium successful the text.

It is ridiculous that treble counting of emissions is adjacent an enactment successful these talks. And the aforesaid goes for carryover of junk credits [from a erstwhile UN scheme] to cheat connected accounting towards your clime goals. Negotiations connected this inadequate ground does not bring justness to radical connected the planet.

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Oliver Holmes

Follow up: large publishers person agelong been criticised (including by the Guardian’s editorial board) for monolithic profits from world papers.

Updated astatine 12.21pm GMT

Global publishers merchandise world articles connected clime situation for free

To coincide with the Cop26 summit, 15 of the world’s largest and astir reputable world publishers – including Elsevier and Cambridge University Press – have, for the archetypal time, made disposable their astir important articles connected clime heating.

The papers person been shared to marque it overmuch easier for the nationalist to find and enactment connected the world’s astir important and scientifically verified clime research, according to the publishers.

These volition see probe by 2021 Nobel prize victor Syukuro Manabe, which utilized the archetypal technological exemplary to accurately foretell rising temperatures arsenic a effect of CO2 emissions, and is considered by galore to beryllium the astir influential clime subject insubstantial of each time.

The postulation volition besides see enactment by erstwhile subject teacher Seth Wynes, who identified the champion ways individuals tin trim their interaction connected the environment, and a insubstantial by Bharat Desai and Moumita Mandal, which identifies however clime change-related disasters pb to accrued unit towards women.

The full postulation of clime probe tin beryllium recovered here.

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Damian Carrington

Alok Sharma, president of Cop26, has conscionable updated the acme connected progress.

In summary, there’s a batch to bash earlier the scheduled extremity of the gathering time evening.

Sharma said delegates had been moving “tirelessly” and had made a “significant measurement forward” connected the outstanding disagreements. But helium added: “I americium nether nary illusion that immoderate [country] is truly satisfied with wherever the [draft agreement] substance stands. There is inactive a batch much to beryllium done.”

He highlighted concern arsenic a large trouble – the wealth processing nations request for cleanable development, adapting to the clime situation and paying for the harm that is present inevitable. The draught substance was seen arsenic rather beardown connected cutting emissions but vague and unambitious connected funding. Sharma said his volition was to people the adjacent mentation of the draught substance overnight tonight.

“Please bring the currency of compromise to your discussions – we volition each reap the benefits,” Sharma said, reminding delegates of the ambition satellite leaders called for astatine the commencement of Cop26. “The satellite is watching – we cannot spend to neglect them.”

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Severin Carrell

A ample country of Glasgow metropolis centre, which has been notorious for its aerial contamination and congestion, volition go car-free wrong 5 years, the city’s assembly person has pledged.

Glasgow’s car-centric design, crisscrossed by a web of heavy utilized municipality motorways, and the contamination emitted by companies operating its deregulated autobus services, has agelong been criticised by biology campaigners.

The city, which has invested heavy precocious successful dedicated motorcycle lanes connected erstwhile engaged main roads and successful “spaces for people” projects, is owed to present a debased emanation zone, which has been criticised for being excessively brushed connected polluters. Its ascendant autobus operator, First Bus, has besides unveiled a fleet of electrical buses.

Susan Aitken said connected Thursday the car-free portion would widen from George Square, tract of Glasgow’s metropolis chambers, to Hope Street successful the westbound and from Cathedral Street successful the north, southbound to Argyle Street. That would seizure streets astir Glasgow’s busiest obstruction termini: Queen Street and Central stations.

Activists from Extinction Rebellion took portion  successful  a ‘Loss and Damage’ protestation  show  wherever  a car   painted to look   similar  a globe was smashed to item   inequity of nonaccomplishment   and harm  erstwhile   it comes to the clime  situation  astatine  Pacific Quay alongside the Cop26 acme  field  successful  Glasgow.
Activists from Extinction Rebellion took portion successful a ‘Loss and Damage’ protestation show wherever a car painted to look similar a globe was smashed to item inequity of nonaccomplishment and harm erstwhile it comes to the clime situation astatine Pacific Quay alongside the Cop26 acme field successful Glasgow. Photograph: Jane Barlow/PA

Spanning immoderate of Glasgow’s busiest buying and hospitality streets, parts of it – notably Buchanan Street – are already pedestrianised. Apart from disabled access, the country would beryllium “entirely escaped of backstage cars”, the Herald reported.

“This halfway of Glasgow metropolis centre volition beryllium fixed implicit wholly to nationalist transport and to radical moving actively,” said Aitken. “It’s a large measurement and we don’t underestimate the situation of making that modulation from what has been for acold excessively agelong a backstage car dominated metropolis centre.”

She said it would beryllium delivered successful stages successful collaboration with metropolis centre businesses. “I deliberation it’s the benignant of ambition that we person to demonstrate. We person to determination beyond doing this partially and bash it connected a bigger sale.”

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Australia is Cop26 'problem nation' akin to Saudi Arabia and Russia - erstwhile negotiator

Damian Carrington

The Australian authorities should beryllium viewed similar chap fossil substance giants and Cop26 occupation nations similar Saudia Arabia and Russia, according to a savage appraisal by Richie Merzian, who spent a decennary arsenic an Australian Cop negotiator and is present astatine the thinktank the Australia Institute.

The Australian authorities came to Cop26 to get distant with doing arsenic small arsenic possible. It lone agreed to nett zero by 2050 2 days earlier Prime Minister Scott Morrison took disconnected [for Glasgow],” Merzian said. They person not committed to doing thing much successful the adjacent important 10 years, helium said.

“They lone privation to look astatine exertion and to enactment corporations – technologies that enactment the continued accumulation of fossil fuels,” Merzian said. “The Australian authorities has implicit 100 caller fossil substance projects successful the pipeline. It is the third-largest exporter of fossil fuels successful the satellite aft Russia and Saudi Arabia and it should beryllium seen successful the aforesaid grouping arsenic Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The lone happening Australian has brought to this dialog is bully coffee implicit astatine the Australian pavilion,” helium said.

“Australia’s successful a unsocial presumption arsenic the imperishable seat for the ‘umbrella group’ of countries, each [developed] countries that aren’t portion of the EU,” Merzian said. “So each greeting it meets with the US, Russia, Japan, Canada, Norway etc, successful bid to sermon the issues of the day, and truthful it does person immoderate power here.

It tin enactment arsenic a handbrake connected ambition here,” helium said. “If Australia refuses to summation its ambition for 2030, it provides screen for different countries to not bash the same, due to the fact that they tin say: ‘If Australia doesn’t bash it arsenic a affluent developed country, wherefore should we?’ That’s the existent occupation here.

The Australian authorities has said that it sees a agleam aboriginal beyond 2050 for ember and state production – there’s implicit 70 caller coalmine proposals successful Australia. So you can’t underestimate Australia’s interests here, which is the longevity of its fossil substance production. That is moving straight antagonistic to what the UK is trying to propulsion successful presumption of consigning ember to history.”

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