Coronavirus live: UK travel rules relaxed as arrivals can now use cheaper lateral flow tests

11 months ago 137

Hi. Caroline Davies here successful London. In the UK, arsenic from 4am today, the coronavirus rules person been relaxed for travellers returning to England who are afloat vaccinated successful what has been hailed by the authorities arsenic a “huge boost” for the question industry.

Just successful clip for half-term, afloat vaccinated radical arriving successful England from a non-red database state tin usage a lateral travel trial alternatively than the much costly PCR mentation connected oregon earlier time two.

Lateral travel tests for planetary question indispensable beryllium purchased from a backstage supplier arsenic NHS Test and Trace lateral travel tests cannot beryllium utilized for planetary travel.
Bookings for lateral travel tests opened connected Friday and tin beryllium purchased done the backstage providers listed connected GOV.UK.
As of Saturday afternoon, determination were 25 providers connected the Government website and prices ranged from 19 to 39.

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