Coronavirus news live: China Covid cases surge to three-month high; Netherlands brings back masks

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Hi and invited backmost to our planetary Covid blog.

I’m Samantha Lock and I’ll beryllium reporting from Sydney, Australia, to bring you each the latest developments from astir the world.

Less than 2 months aft drastically relaxing Covid restrictions, the Netherlands has go 1 of the archetypal countries successful occidental Europe to bring backmost them backmost again.

Faced with sharply rising coronavirus cases, the premier curate Mark Rutte said the Dutch authorities would beryllium reinstating an bid to deterioration look masks successful nationalist places and mandating an hold for the usage of Covid passes successful airy of rapidly expanding lawsuit counts.

The country’s nationalist wellness institute reported Tuesday that confirmed infections roseate 39% compared to the week earlier and infirmary admissions were up 31%.

Tighter curbs are besides expected successful China aft the National Health Commission reported Covid cases surged to a adjacent 3-month precocious with 93 caller section symptomatic cases recorded for Tuesday, up from 54 a time earlier.

A cardinal gathering of the highest-ranking members of the Communist Party successful Beijing is expected to spell up adjacent week.

Here’s a round-up of the Covid headlines you mightiness person missed.

  • Australia whitethorn soon invited overseas workers backmost into the country. NSW premier has pushed for further borderline re-openings arsenic the authorities grapples with skilled labour shortages aft 18 months of closed borders.
  • Australia besides remains connected way to scope 80% of the colonisation implicit 16 being afloat vaccinated against Covid-19 successful a substance of days.
  • The Dutch government has reintroduced look masks successful an effort to halt rising Covid-19 cases. Prime curate Mark Rutte said the usage of Covid passports would besides beryllium broadened retired to see museums, gyms and outdoor terraces. The proposal comes amid a large surge successful caller cases successful the Netherlands.
  • The UK has had its highest fig of regular Covid deaths reported since precocious February, arsenic different 293 radical person died wrong 28 days of a affirmative Covid-19 test.
  • UK authorities is increasingly disquieted that hospitalisations and deaths among double-vaccinated radical could rise owed to waning immunity arsenic an estimated 4.5 cardinal radical person failed to get their booster shots contempt being eligible.
  • The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) unanimously voted successful favour of the wide usage of Pfizer and BioNTech jabs for children arsenic young arsenic 5. The shots could beryllium administered arsenic soon arsenic Wednesday.
  • China has urged its citizens to stockpile regular necessities, prompting panic-buying, amid surging rootlike prices linked to caller utmost weather, fears of proviso shortages and an ongoing Covid outbreak.
  • Romania broke its regular decease toll record, aft different 591 radical died from Covid. It has lagged down connected vaccinations and is good beneath the mean wrong the EU.
  • Russia besides acceptable different regular grounds for Covid deaths reporting 1,178 connected Tuesday.
  • Greece announced caller restrictions connected non-vaccinated radical and accrued fines for non-compliance aft reporting a regular grounds precocious of Covid-19 cases connected Tuesday.
  • Public wellness officials successful Ireland say that its lawsuit numbers are astatine their highest constituent since January, arsenic different 3,726 were registered – 70% higher than a week ago.
  • A idiosyncratic has discontinue the UK government’s pandemic advisery assemblage Sage, saying that the Covid situation is “a agelong mode from over”. Sir Jeremy Farrar, discontinue the assemblage astatine the extremity of October.
  • The UK government’s autarkic vaccine advisers recommended against Covid shots for steadfast teenagers contempt considering grounds that the jabs would trim infections, hospitalisations and immoderate deaths successful the property group.