Coronavirus news live: UK watchdog criticises £37bn test and trace service; Australia approves Covid booster shot rollout

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Welcome backmost to our Covid blog wherever we’ll bring you each the latest quality surrounding the evolving coronavirus crisis.

I’m Samantha Lock reporting to you from Sydney, Australia. Here’s conscionable a speedy usher connected what you mightiness person missed earlier.

A damning study to travel retired of the UK has lambasted the NHS trial and hint system, saying it failed to execute “its main objective” to chopped corruption levels and assistance successful returning to beingness arsenic normal.

The inaugural was handed an “eye-watering” £37bn successful taxpayers’ currency but yet “has not achieved its main nonsubjective to assistance interruption chains of Covid-19 transmission and alteration radical to instrumentality towards a much mean mode of life,” the Commons spending watchdog has said.

At the clip of its launch, Boris Johnson claimed the programme would beryllium “world-beating” but the watchdog says its aims had been “overstated oregon not achieved”. The backing - adjacent to astir 20% of the wellness service’s full yearly fund - was utilized to prosecute much than 2,000 consultants who were employed connected rates of much than £1,000 a day, the study by the nationalist accounts committee (PAC) found.

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