Coroner Identifies 2 Killed at Chicago-Area Halloween Party

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JOLIET, Ill.—A coroner connected Monday identified a young antheral and pistillate who died successful a shooting astatine a suburban Chicago Halloween enactment that injured 9 others .

Will County Coroner Laurie Summers said Holly Matthews and Jonathan Ceballos, some 22, were fatally changeable aboriginal Sunday astatine the enactment successful Joliet, astir 45 miles (70 kilometers) southwest of Chicago.

Police said that the shooting appeared to beryllium pack related.

The Will County Sheriff’s Office updated the fig of radical hospitalized. Preliminary reports said much than a twelve radical were injured, but a spokeswoman said Monday day that a full of 9 radical were hospitalized for injuries connected to the shooting successful summation to those who died. One idiosyncratic remained successful captious information and 3 remained hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Five others were treated and released.

“Multiple gunshots were fired during the incident. It appears that this incidental was pack related,” the bureau said successful a quality release. “Detectives person collected a important magnitude of grounds and are continuing to interrogation witnesses. Some victims and partygoers are being uncooperative.”

The enactment was initially intended for a radical of astir 50 household members and friends, relatives of the hosts said. But societal media posts promoting the enactment drew hundreds from surrounding communities, according to a quality merchandise from the Will County Sheriff’s Office.

Matthews and Ceballos, some Joliet residents, each sustained a azygous gunshot coiled and died aboriginal Sunday astatine the enactment that drew astir 200 people.

“She was conscionable a young miss successful a costume for a Halloween party. Lost her beingness for nary reason. Absolutely nary reason,” Holly Matthews’ father, Stephen Matthews, told WLS-TV.

Police were seeking tips from the nationalist successful uncovering 2 suspected shooters who fled from the country and were besides seeking witnesses oregon anyone who whitethorn person video oregon photographs from the party.

Those attending ranged successful property from their teens to mid-20s, The (Joliet) Herald-News reported.

The sheriff’s section said witnesses indicated that 2 radical fired shots from a structure overlooking the assemblage successful a home’s backyard. The shots were fired from adjacent a DJ booth that was acceptable up.

“As soon arsenic they started shooting, radical conscionable started running,” said Will County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Dan Jungles. He noted that deputies recovered respective idiosyncratic items specified arsenic car keys, cellphones, and purses that were near behind.

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