Corporate-Sponsored Chattanooga Pride Parade Displays Fetishes to Children

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—Hundreds of radical gathered with their children to cheer connected parade performers successful drag and outfits suggesting intersexual fetishes arsenic they flung candy and gyrated on the thoroughfare and crossed the signifier astatine the 2022 Chattanooga Pride Parade.

“We were capable to set schedules for contiguous and get radical down here,” said David, an worker of Amazon, 1 of the event’s firm sponsors. “The institution besides paid for each of our swag that we’re handing retired and immoderate of our costumes too.”

Other sponsors included the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) electrical company, the T-Mobile communications company, and the Chattanooga security supplier Unum.

David was portion of a parade of betwixt 500 and 600 people, including galore who graphically displayed their intersexual tastes successful beforehand of children. But dissimilar galore parade attendees who spoke to The Epoch Times, David opposes resistance shows astatine bars aimed astatine children, specified arsenic those that Chattanooga Pride has been organizing. The taxable kicked up contention erstwhile a viral video showed a young kid astatine a resistance amusement rubbing the crotch of a performer, who did not halt the youngster.

Epoch Times Photo A T-Mobile worker with a garment sponsored by her institution for the Chattanooga Pride parade successful Chattanooga, Tenn., connected Oct. 2, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

Destiny, a T-Mobile worker who said her institution was a sponsor, attended with her child. She knew astir the resistance amusement wherever the arguable interaction occurred betwixt the kid and the performer.

“I deliberation it’s due for kids to explicit themselves nevertheless they consciousness is necessary,” she said. “I don’t deliberation they should person stopped” the behavior.

Many parents brought their families to the parade.

“Love is love, and you know, that’s their thing,” 1 parent said to her daughter.

Many lawsuit attendees suggested that celebrating LGBT ideology should beryllium a Southern taste practice.

“Y’all’ means all,” immoderate chanted.

“We are here, we are proud, and we ain’t going anywhere,” an announcer vowed.

Leashes Unleashed

Some men astatine the parade wore zipped-shut leather dog-face masks, suits with leashes and tails, and different paraphernalia.

One antheral wore a bulletproof vest, carried a sword, and made it wide helium was keeping a adjacent ticker connected 3 counter-protestors to the event.

Epoch Times Photo A small miss and her begetter adjacent a antheral successful a fetish canine disguise and a performing resistance queen astatine the Chattanooga Pride parade successful Chattanooga, Tenn., connected Oct. 2, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

Another wore a dog-face disguise and a emblem indicating that helium enjoyed a intersexual fetish involving self-degradation.

Parade participants passed retired candy to children on the route.

After the parade, lawsuit attendees partied connected Chattanooga’s riverfront, wherever immoderate section businesses sold wares from tents.

Some offered h2o bottles successful the signifier of a portion of the antheral anatomy.  Others offered escaped thorax binders truthful girls could flatten their breasts to downplay their feminine form.  Experts person said binders can cause tegument damage, backmost pain, thorax pain, and shortness of breath.

Family-Friendly Entertainment?

Men dressed arsenic women and different costumed participants danced onstage successful beforehand of an assemblage that included young boys and girls.

One antheral successful a leather thorax harness and melodramatic constitution snapped his rainbow suspenders provocatively arsenic helium writhed successful beforehand of children and teens.

One resistance performer strutted up and down the stage’s catwalk. Another, Sweet Tooth Von Tata, danced to the fashionable children’s opus “Baby Shark” portion wearing a shark onesie.

Epoch Times Photo Young women ticker an LGBT costumed performer astatine the Chattanooga Pride parade successful Chattanooga, Tenn., connected Oct. 2, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

“What bash you deliberation is my champion feature?” Chattanooga Pride organizer Noah Corbin asked portion performing successful his resistance persona, Hormona Lisa. He mentioned his chemoreceptor occupation money and said helium wanted to alteration his profile.

“Who thinks I should support my nose?” helium asked the crowd, receiving cheers.

The lawsuit had the enactment of Chattanooga’s mayor, Tim Kelly, who condemned rising section absorption to resistance shows for children.

“It’s been an…interesting…week successful Chattanooga, and it’s truly important to me, arsenic the politician of Chattanooga, that our metropolis remains a divers and welcoming metropolis forever,” Kelly said. “Chattanooga is simply a metropolis that celebrates diversity, and we don’t attraction who you love.”

Progressive Congressman Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) besides made a astonishment quality astatine the event.

“To innovate, you person to respect diversity,” helium said from the stage.

Epoch Times Photo Congressman Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) speaks portion Noah Corbin (L), performing arsenic Hormona Lisa, waits down him connected signifier astatine the Chattanooga Pride parade successful Chattanooga, Tenn., connected Oct. 2, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

Khanna suggested embracing diverseness was important to keeping Chattanooga’s tech industries thriving. He urged Chattanoogans to enactment the national Equality Act.

Sponsors enthusiastically got down Chattanooga Pride’s event.

“The TVA is highly supportive of each of its worker assets groups, and each of its employees, nary substance what they believe, who they are, wherever they come, from their backgrounds, their experiences successful life,” Megan Flynn, the TVA’s main diverseness and inclusion officer, told The Epoch Times.

The company’s LGBT assets radical aims to sponsor LGBT activities successful Chattanooga, she said. The TVA is simply a federally owned electrical inferior institution and America’s sixth-largest powerfulness company.

Epoch Times Photo A structure for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) astatine the Chattanooga Pride parade successful Chattanooga, Tenn., connected Oct. 2, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

But erstwhile asked astir the appropriateness of the lawsuit for children, sponsor representatives balked.

“If there’s children astatine events, they person parents that are determination and involved,” Flynn said. “They person to code those aspects.”

“I person nary remark connected that,” said Lis Ahmed, the enforcement vice president of radical and communications astatine Unum. “We’re conscionable present to travel and observe with our employees.”

The lawsuit attracted galore section and nationalist businesses, including Disney, Keller Williams Bakery, the AARP Tennessee, and The Democratic Party, among others.

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