Cory Morgan: Smith Has Many Challenges Ahead of Her, but She Continues to Surprise

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It took implicit 10 years, a word arsenic the person of Alberta’s authoritative opposition, a politically disastrous floor-crossing, and a agelong clip successful the governmental wilderness, but Danielle Smith has yet achieved her extremity of becoming Alberta’s premier. Smith’s enactment is acold from done and she inactive has a pugnacious and bumpy roadworthy up of her. The United Conservative Party (UCP) has immoderate superior interior rifts, Smith has immoderate large and hard promises to fulfill, and she is facing what is definite to beryllium a hard-fought wide predetermination successful 7 months.

While her enactment has the connection agreed close successful its name, it is thing but. The UCP is the effect of an amalgamation betwixt the Progressive Conservative (PC) and Wildrose Parties nether Jason Kenney that happened lone 5 years ago. Political rivals connected the close sheathed their swords and created a agreed beforehand to decision the NDP authorities successful Alberta’s 2019 wide election. The governmental rivalries didn’t extremity with the merger, and they fostered the interior enactment part that yet led to the ouster of enactment person Jason Kenney past fall. Those enactment factions are inactive successful play contiguous and Smith is going to person to get them nether power oregon the enactment could fracture again.

While determination were 7 entrants successful the UCP enactment race, determination were lone truly 2 apical contenders for the title: Travis Toews and Danielle Smith. Toews was Alberta’s concern curate nether Jason Kenney. While Toews has coagulated blimpish credentials, helium was viewed arsenic the constitution campaigner representing the PC helping of the party. Even though Smith was absent from enactment authorities for astir 8 years, she became the typical of the Wildrose faction of the party. Quite a feat considering however she astir destroyed the enactment erstwhile she led a level crossing successful 2014.

Smith doesn’t person the luxury of a beardown archetypal ballot mandate successful winning the enactment enactment similar Poilievre did erstwhile helium took implicit 68 percent of the ballot of the membership. It took six rounds of balloting earlier Smith crossed the threshold with 53.8 percent of the votes. Toews came successful with 46.3 percent. Nearly fractional of the enactment rank didn’t prime Smith arsenic the archetypal oregon 2nd prime connected their ballots and she present has to triumph them over.

Along with the enactment members, Smith has a fractious enactment caucus to woody with. Travis Toews on with respective UCP caucus members each publically vowed not to enactment Smith’s projected Sovereignty Act if it comes to the legislature. The Sovereignty Act was the premier plank successful Smith’s campaign, and she is remaining steadfast successful her committedness to marque it the archetypal bid of concern successful the adjacent legislative session. If Smith’s measure fails to walk owed to a caucus revolt, her enactment enactment could autumn isolated conscionable months into its mandate. Smith volition person to prosecute successful immoderate dense caucus diplomacy to guarantee members enactment the measure erstwhile it’s tabled successful the legislature.

An vantage and disadvantage of Smith’s Sovereignty Act is that it hasn’t been written yet. Smith has made wide statements connected what the measure is intended to do, portion opponents person speculated negatively connected what the measure tin oregon can’t do, but the nuts and bolts of the authorities haven’t been drafted yet. If Smith tin gully successful capable caucus information successful drafting the bill, she could find statement and make immoderate outs for caucus members who already painted themselves into a country successful vowing to reason the bill.

Even if it hasn’t been drafted yet, the Sovereignty Act is contentious successful rule alone. It is the astir assertive authorities pursuing provincial autonomy ever seen westbound of Ontario and has ruffled galore feathers. While the measure proposes thing that Quebec isn’t already doing, it’s ever someway considered utmost erstwhile occidental provinces effort to basal up against Ottawa. That’s conscionable the quality of Canada these days. Smith volition beryllium painted arsenic a separatist by opponents, and it volition beryllium a pugnacious statement to fell from adjacent if it’s baseless. She can’t driblet the measure oregon the members who conscionable elected her volition revolt. They are not successful the temper for compromise.

With a prickly caucus and a arguable platform, Danielle Smith is heading for what volition surely beryllium 1 of the astir heated provincial elections successful Alberta’s history. Some radical are saying it’s intolerable for her to triumph with specified a mandate and carrying specified governmental baggage. A twelvemonth ago, I would person been 1 of those people. I would person said determination was nary mode Smith could revive her governmental vocation astatine all, overmuch little go premier. I evidently would person been dormant wrong.

Smith has galore challenges up of her but it would beryllium a sedate mistake to underestimate her. She continues to surprise.

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Cory Morgan


Cory Morgan is simply a columnist based successful Calgary.