Costa Mesa Extends Short-Term Rental Ban

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The City of Costa Mesa unanimously approved an exigency ordinance Nov. 2 that volition proceed the city’s prohibition connected short-term rentals (STRs) for different year.

STRs, defined arsenic rentals that past for little than 30 days, are commonly listed connected websites including Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, and others.

Every assembly subordinate seemed to beryllium successful agreeance with 1 another, saying it’s important to support neighborhoods from STR issues of noise, trash, parking, and more.

“I’m perfectly blessed with the ordinance arsenic is,” Councilman Jeffrey Harlan said. “I volition enactment determination are 2 conditions during this pandemic that person not changed. We inactive person a lodging crisis. And we inactive person a tourism manufacture that was decimated and is coming back. So I privation to marque definite that we support those interests.”

Costa Mesa received much complaints related to STRs during the tallness of the COVID-19 pandemic, galore related to disruptive parties that renters would propulsion successful the homes, according to a Nov. 2 presumption fixed to the council.

One nationalist commenter urged the councilmembers to rethink the issue, noting that helium has a location that was utilized arsenic an STR earlier the moratorium, but that determination were safeguards successful spot to bounds it being utilized arsenic a enactment house.

“We started to instrumentality a strategy specified arsenic a minimum of 7 days enactment to support parties from happening. Nobody who was nether 25 was allowed to rent it. We would marque definite that they had aggregate reviews connected their profile,” Decker Allison, a Costa Mesa nonmigratory said. “And with that, we were capable to chopped retired immoderate benignant of parties from happening and our neighbors are really precise affable with america and proceed to beryllium supportive.”

The substance was addressed backmost successful December 2020, erstwhile the metropolis adopted a moratorium prohibiting STRs, which was acceptable to expire connected Nov. 10, 2021.

The State of California has besides declared a lodging shortage, which proponents of the prohibition accidental STRs marque worse.

Many homes that would usually beryllium rented for semipermanent usage person alternatively been utilized for short-term use, making it much hard for would-be renters to find homes to unrecorded in, according to the newly approved ordinance.

Costa Mesa has rolled retired fines connected STR violations since past year’s ban.

As a result, the fig of STR complaints has since decreased, according to metropolis staff.

“About a twelvemonth ago, I did a heavy dive into this contented … this was truly a question of balancing involvement crossed the city,” Mayor Pro Tem Andrea Marr said during a Nov. 2 assembly meeting, explaining she wanted to recognize some sides of the contented astatine hand.

One benignant of STR volition proceed to beryllium allowed successful Costa Mesa—home-sharing. It is wherever a spot proprietor rents a portion portion besides occupying the location themselves, specified arsenic idiosyncratic renting retired an bare country successful their house.

“After we made that connection [last year], determination were a fig of radical who came backmost and said ‘this is the circumstance—I’m successful the home, we rent retired a room, these thin to beryllium longer word people, we person controls.’ And I was really truly amazed by however galore of the Airbnb’s relation successful that manner,” Marr said.

While the recently approved ordinance expires adjacent year, the assembly plans to follow a imperishable ordinance successful the aboriginal that volition let immoderate types of restricted STRs. It is unclear astatine this constituent what benignant of STRs volition beryllium allowed.

“I americium precise assured that sometime adjacent year, we’re going to travel backmost with an ordinance that really collects taxes,” Marr said. “These are efficaciously edifice rooms that are not taxed similar edifice rooms, wherever we’re allowed to connected an yearly basis, regulate, inspect, place problems, and propulsion permits from radical who are not bully actors successful the city. And truthful this is inactive a impermanent measure.”

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