Counting down the 75 most important people in Knicks history: No. 55 to No. 46, with Kristaps Porzingis and Julius Randle

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The crippled had been a rough-and-tumble, no-autopsy-no-foul affair, and the Knicks had travel retired connected the abbreviated extremity of a 77-51 last to the Cleveland Rebels successful the archetypal playoff crippled successful Knicks history, connected April 2, 1947.

Afterward, Neil Cohalan offered up 2 of the champion gems a Knicks manager mightiness ever person uttered postgame. Cohalan had been a four-sport prima astatine Manhattan College and had assembled a good 165-80 grounds arsenic the Jaspers’ manager from 1929-42. He was besides the scion of a salient New York judicial family, and it was assumed he’d articulation the household concern erstwhile helium graduated instrumentality school.

But the gymnasium won retired implicit the courtroom. Ned Irish had wanted to prosecute Joe Lapchick arsenic coach, but Lapchick was lone 2 years into a five-year declaration with St. John’s and asked for a year’s grace, recommending Cohalan arsenic a one-year place-holder. Irish agreed, and rapidly realized Cohalan was successful implicit his head.

Still, the Knicks finished 33-27, made the playoffs. And contempt getting throttled successful that archetypal game, Cohalan lamented afterward: “It’s beauteous simple, boys. We were hosed.”