Courteney Cox is willing to fight for her ‘Friends’ apartment

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It seems Courteney Cox is rather protective of the iconic New York flat that erstwhile played location to her “Friends” character, Monica Geller.

In a video, the actress, 57, is seen scolding her “Scream 5” co-star Melissa Barrera, 31, who tries to participate the Greenwich Village spot — but don’t worry: it’s conscionable a skit designed to beforehand the pair’s upcoming fearfulness movie.

Cox took to Instagram to stock a humorous video that showed Barrera strolling toward the celebrated flat facade, located astatine 90 Bedford St.

“Melissa! How are you? Where are you going?” Cox quizzes arsenic she approaches Barrera connected the sidewalk.

“I’m conscionable going home,” Barrera replies, gesturing up to the flat that the fictional Monica lived successful with Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston).

“That’s weird … I don’t deliberation that’s your home,” Cox tells Barrera successful an irritated manner. “I’m blessed you joined the ‘Scream’ cast, but this is not OK. This is off-limits.”

The One With The Fight In The Street! Courteney Cox clashed with Melissa Barrera extracurricular  the "Friends" flat  connected  Wednesday.“The One With the Fight successful the Street”! Courteney Cox clashed with Melissa Barrera extracurricular the “Friends” flat connected Wednesday.Instagram

Cox continues to berate Barrera, stating, “Go backmost to the Heights” — a notation to Barrera’s caller relation successful the Lin-Manuel Miranda movie “In the Heights.”

The younger histrion hits back, uttering a catchphrase Cox’s quality often utilized connected “Friends.”

“I KNOW!” Barrera screams, earlier walking disconnected down the street.

“Friends” fans were overjoyed by the hilarious clip and the information that Cox had returned to her character’s flat artifact — though interior scenes for the amusement were really changeable connected the Warner Bros. batch successful Los Angeles.

“For idiosyncratic who loves binge-watching ‘Friends’ each night, I emotion contented similar this!” 1 follower remarked.

Cox was seen scolding Barrera extracurricular  the iconic address. Cox scolds Barrera extracurricular the iconic address.Courtesy of @courteneycoxofficia

“THE BEST CONTENT!” different exclaimed.

The abbreviated clip was watched a whopping 1.5 cardinal times wrong 2 hours of its upload.

While Cox is astir celebrated for “Friends,” she is besides beloved for playing weatherwoman Gale Weathers successful the “Scream” movies.

Cox is reprising her relation successful the 5th installment of the franchise, to beryllium released aboriginal adjacent year. Barrera joins the formed arsenic quality Sam Carpenter.

The archetypal afloat trailer for the fearfulness movie dropped past week, sending fans into a frenzy.