COVID-19 Was CCP ‘Biological Warfare,’ New Research Group Says

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The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) utilized COVID-19 for biologic warfare, according to a caller study by 9 experts with the Center for Security Policy (CSP).

Generals, aesculapian experts, and overseas argumentation experts including erstwhile House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra and erstwhile Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin contributed to the report, which is disposable successful publication signifier connected Amazon.

The report, titled “The CCP is astatine War with America,” stated that determination is nary grounds COVID-19 was a earthy virus, arguing that determination is important grounds it came from a CCP lab. It besides stated that the CCP deliberately allowed the microorganism to dispersed worldwide by allowing planetary flights portion locking down question wrong China.

The CSP describes the study arsenic an “exercise successful competitory investigation that powerfully challenges the Director of National Intelligence’s September 2021 conclusion.”

The Plague War

U.S. quality experts successful 2021 concluded that they mightiness ne'er cognize for definite wherever COVID-19 came from. But the CSP enactment the blasted squarely connected the Chinese communist regime.

“The preponderance of grounds indicates that SARS-CoV-2 was lab-manufactured,” the study stated. “In immoderate event, Beijing acted with murderous intent successful spreading the illness beyond China’s borders.”

As impervious of these claims, the study pointed to familial features of COVID-19 not recovered successful earthy viruses. It noted that China’s subject has a biologic warfare program.

Finally, it highlighted that the Chinese authorities restricted interior question to halt the dispersed of COVID-19 but kept its planetary borders open. At the aforesaid time, it bought up planetary supplies of idiosyncratic protective gear.

Even if the archetypal merchandise of the microorganism was an accident, its worldwide dispersed was intentional, the study stated. The apt motive was to guarantee that the remainder of the satellite would beryllium acceptable backmost economically by the microorganism to the aforesaid grade China would be.

Epoch Times Photo The screen of The CCP is astatine War with America study connected Amazon. Screenshot taken Aug. 5, 2022. (Jackson Elliott/The Epoch Times)

“Xi’s authorities intelligibly saw the imperative request to guarantee that it would not endure economical privation alone, to the vantage of its enemies, particularly the United States,” the study read. “Actively spreading the microorganism was, thus, a means of waging economical warfare, and the Chinese Communists applied themselves to doing truthful with a vengeance.”

According to the report, the CCP worked to dispersed its COVID-19 quarantine policies astir the satellite truthful it could upwind the pandemic astatine an advantage. The harm COVID-19 measures did to America’s system enactment the CCP ahead.

“A main beneficiary of specified economical trauma would beryllium the Chinese Communist Party,” the study read.

Weapons of Choice

The study besides stated that the Chinese authorities has a past of biologic warfare. In the aboriginal 1990s, Chinese wide Chi Haotian told China’s biologic weapons programme that it should depopulate America truthful China could instrumentality it over, according to the report. But China kept these plans secret.

“Right now, it is not the clip to openly interruption with [America],” the wide said. “Our betterment and opening to the extracurricular satellite inactive trust connected their superior and technology.”

Biological weapons could beryllium China’s roadworthy to satellite domination, the study stated. Chinese subject journals person openly published articles astir genetically-targeted biologic warfare. China has collected familial profiles of foreigners portion keeping a adjacent defender connected the familial profiles of Chinese people, it added.

“If Chinese scientists win successful designing pathogens targeting lone foreigners, the adjacent germ, virus, oregon microbe from China could extremity non-Chinese societies,” the study stated.

“Xi volition beryllium the archetypal supremo to person a limb making worldwide Chinese regularisation possible,” it read.

The study suggested that COVID-19 fatalities extracurricular China should beryllium considered “murder victims.”

The insubstantial offered respective conclusions. These see that the CCP and immoderate who colluded with it indispensable beryllium held accountable for the pandemic’s results; the authorities shouldn’t enforce vaccine mandates connected the vulnerable; the United States should make deterrents against Chinese bioweapons; and aboriginal aesculapian wellness measures shouldn’t travel Chinese totalitarian lockdown advice.

“We indispensable ne'er again let our law freedoms to beryllium denied connected the pretext of a nationalist wellness emergency, particularly astatine the insistence of overseas powers, fto unsocial our mortal enemy,” the study stated.

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