Covid live: UK government plans for ‘one in four’ teachers to be off; record 26,458 cases in Philippines

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Video of an NHS doc challenging the UK wellness caput implicit vaccine mandates for healthcare workers has gone viral connected societal media.

The scene, which was caught by Sky News cameras, was archetypal broadcast connected Friday aft Javid visited Kings College Hospital successful southbound London.

While connected a walkabout successful the hospital, Javid had asked doctors and nurses determination what they thought astir authorities plans to necessitate vaccination for each NHS staff. After an little but uncomfortable silence, Steve James, a advisor anaesthetist who has been moving passim the pandemic, replied: “I’m not blessed astir that.”

James told Javid: “I’ve had Covid astatine immoderate point, I’ve got antibodies, and I’ve been moving connected Covid ITUs since the beginning; I person not had a vaccination, I bash not privation to person a vaccination. The vaccine is reducing transmission lone for astir 8 weeks with delta. With Omicron it’s astir apt less. And for that I would beryllium dismissed if I don’t person a vaccine? The subject isn’t beardown enough.”

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"The subject isn't beardown enough".

Watch the infinitesimal an unvaccinated infirmary advisor challenges Health Secretary Sajid Javid implicit the government's argumentation of compulsory COVID jabs for NHS staff.

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January 7, 2022

“That’s your view,” Javid replied. Turning to a radical of nurses helium added: “And you views?” However, they did not respond.

Turning backmost to James, Javid continued: “I respect that but determination is besides galore antithetic views.”

Javid added: “I recognize that but evidently we person to measurement each that up for some wellness and societal attraction and determination volition ever beryllium a statement astir it ...”

James replied: “Maybe determination is an accidental to reconsider with Omicron and the changing picture, oregon astatine slightest the nuance that volition let doctors who person had antibody exposure, who’ve got antibodies, who haven’t had the vaccination, to not person it, due to the fact that the extortion I’ve got is astir apt equivalent to idiosyncratic who is vaccinated.”

“Yes, but astatine immoderate constituent that volition wane,” Javid said.

James said: “But if you privation to supply extortion with a booster you’d person to inject everybody each month. If the extortion has worn disconnected for transmission aft 2 months past aft a period you’ve inactive got a spot of protection. But if you privation to support extortion you’re going to request to boost each unit members each azygous months, which you’re not going to do.”

Javid answered his situation by saying: “We instrumentality the precise champion proposal that we can, from vaccine experts.”

Half a time aft the video was published connected Twitter, it had been watched astir 1.2m times.