Covid news live: Australia sends vaccines to Antarctica; South Korea eases restrictions in step towards ‘normal life’

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Hi and invited backmost to our regular Covid blog.

I’m Samantha Lock and I’ll beryllium bringing you the apical headlines from crossed the world.

First up, it’s bully quality for a radical of researchers moving from Australia’s Casey Station successful Antarctica today.

Pfizer vaccines person yet arrived for 27 staff, national situation curate Sussan Ley announced connected Friday. Vaccines volition besides beryllium delivered to its Davis and Mawson probe stations.

Officials successful South Korea person besides announced restrictions volition statesman to easiness from adjacent week.

“Beginning November 1, our assemblage volition instrumentality the archetypal measurement of resuming our mean life,” Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum said. “However, we indispensable beryllium alert that this doesn’t mean the combat against coronavirus is over, but a caller beginning.”

Here’s a rundown of what other you mightiness person missed.

  • A syringe shortfall threatens Africa’s Covid vaccine drive. As vaccines get to the continent, a scarcity of syringes could “paralyse progress”, the World Health Organization (WHO) said connected Thursday. UNICEF, the United Nation’s money for children, is predicting an “imminent shortfall” of up to 2.2 cardinal of the single-use syringes utilized to springiness jabs.
  • New Zealand records different 125 Covid cases, pushing the country’s Delta outbreak past 3,000.
  • The US economy grew astatine its slowest gait successful much than a twelvemonth successful the 3rd 4th arsenic a resurgence successful Covid cases further stretched planetary proviso chains, starring to shortages and decreased user spending, Reuters reports.
  • Russia sets more Covid restrictions amid grounds deaths and vaccine hesitancy. Recent rampant outbreaks successful the countries person been driven by debased vaccination rates.
  • Britain has reported 39,842 caller cases of Covid, authorities information showed connected Thursday. A further 165 radical were reported arsenic having died wrong 28 days of a affirmative trial for Covid, meaning the seven-day full was up 16.2% from the erstwhile week.
  • More than 100 cardinal Indians person not turned up for their 2nd coronavirus vaccine dose, authoritative information showed, raising concerns of a resurgence successful the illness contempt a comparatively debased corruption rate.
  • Only 5 African countries volition conscionable the people of afloat vaccinating 40% of their populations against Covid unless the gait of inoculations increases, the World Health Organization (WHO) said connected Thursday.
  • Singapore reported 3,432 caller cases of Covid connected Thursday, a time aft signaling its highest single-day emergence successful cases which the city-state’s steadfast ministry described arsenic an “unusual surge”.
  • Pfizer and BioNTech person announced that they expect to present 50m much doses of their Covid vaccine to the United States by the extremity of April.
  • Airlines cast uncertainty connected flying unvaccinated passengers to Australia.
  • England acceptable to remove last countries from Covid question ‘red list’. At slightest 12 much countries’ vaccines besides expected to beryllium recognised successful important opening up of borders.
  • Face disguise enactment successful Japan over outgo of 80m near successful retention unused. Wearing masks whitethorn beryllium near-ubiquitous successful Japan, but the authorities has travel nether occurrence aft it was revealed that much than 80m look coverings it procured astatine the commencement of the coronavirus pandemic are inactive successful storage, astatine a immense outgo to taxpayers.

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