Covid news live: Austria enters nationwide lockdown, Australia eases international border restrictions

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1,000 flights betwixt Australia and New Zealand cancelled

Air New Zealand has cancelled astir 1,000 flights betwixt New Zealand and Australia, citing “continued borderline uncertainty” betwixt the 2 countries.

The announcement volition scuttle the plans of immoderate New Zealanders and Australians who had hoped to beryllium reunited for Christmas.

The hose said astir 20,000 customers would beryllium affected. The flights cancelled autumn betwixt present and the extremity of December - portion the airline’s formation docket beyond past remains successful place, it’s not wide whether much flights whitethorn beryllium cancelled down the line.

“This volition beryllium peculiarly pugnacious quality for families and friends who were hoping to drawback up implicit Christmas ... But our hands are tied until borderline restrictions ease, and we person further clarity from the New Zealand Government,” main lawsuit and income serviceman Leanne Geraghty said successful a written statement.

The trans-Tasman bubble, which allowed for quarantine-free question betwixt the 2 countries, unopen successful July successful effect to a Covid outbreak successful Australia. It has remained closed since New Zealand began struggling to incorporate its ain outbreak successful August.

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It’s Samantha Lock backmost with you to springiness a rundown of each the latest Covid headlines.

The determination disparity successful tackling Covid has go adjacent much pronounced successful caller weeks arsenic Europe introduces much lockdowns and nations successful Asia and the Pacific easiness restrictions.

Austria has entered its 4th nationalist Covid lockdown today, making it the archetypal occidental European state to reimpose the measurement this autumn successful the look of surging coronavirus infections.

Average regular deaths successful the federation person tripled successful caller weeks and hospitals successful heavy deed states person warned that intensive attraction units are reaching capacity. The lockdown volition past astatine slightest 10 days but could spell up to 20, officials said.

The authorities besides volition marque vaccinations mandatory starting 1 February. About 66% of Austria’s 8.9 cardinal radical are afloat vaccinated, 1 of the lowest rates successful Western Europe.

“For a agelong time, possibly excessively long, I and others thought that it indispensable beryllium imaginable to person radical successful Austria, to person them to get vaccinated voluntarily,” Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said.

Australia volition welcome planetary students and skilled workers for exemption-free question into the state from adjacent week, successful what the premier minister, Scott Morrison, has hailed a “major milestone” for the state returning to normal.

  • South Korea’s schools volition resume afloat in-person classes for the archetypal clip since the pandemic began connected Monday.
  • German politicians are debating making Covid-19 vaccinations compulsory for citizens successful airy of soaring infections and debased inoculation rates.
  • Germany reports different 30,643 confirmed coronavirus cases and 62 deaths, the Robert Koch Institute reports.
  • The US government’s main aesculapian advisor Dr Anthony Fauci warns that time is moving abbreviated to forestall a “dangerous” caller surge of Covid-19 infections from overwhelming the upcoming vacation season.
  • England’s flagship test-and-trace work is inactive spending much than £1m a time connected backstage consultants, authoritative figures uncover weeks aft MPs lambasted it arsenic an “eye-watering” discarded of taxpayers’ money that is failing to chopped Covid corruption levels.
  • In the UK, Covid booster jabs are apt to beryllium offered to each adults eventually, with the autarkic Joint Committee connected Vaccination and Immunisation already considering the issue, the wellness caput has suggested.
  • Some Pacific countries volition have little than a 4th of adults vaccinated by the extremity of the year, with predictions that Papua New Guinea volition instrumentality 5 years to vaccinate conscionable one-third of its population, undermining economical betterment and threatening immense nonaccomplishment of beingness crossed the region.
  • New Zealand volition soon beryllium opening up acold much freedoms arsenic the state approaches 90% of adults vaccinated, with premier curate Jacinda Ardern announcing it volition determination into a caller “traffic light” model of covid protections connected 3 December.
  • The Delta variant was archetypal detected a twelvemonth agone and is present ascendant crossed the globe. Scientists are concerned that a caller strain could supersede it.
  • Violence erupted astatine demonstrations successful Belgium and the Netherlands implicit the play arsenic tougher Covid-19 restrictions to curb the resurgent pandemic led to aggravated protests successful respective European countries.
  • The US Marine Corps has the worst vaccination grounds among US subject branches, Reuters reports, with thousands of active-duty unit acceptable to miss a 28 November deadline for unit to beryllium afloat vaccinated.
  • The World Health Organisation said it is “very worried” astir a caller question of European infection.
  • The French government has warned that Covid is spreading astatine “lighting speed”. The seven-day mean of caller cases successful France reached 17,153 connected Saturday, an summation of 81%.