Covid news live: Johnson to face MPs as report into lockdown parties looms; the Netherlands to reopen bars and cafes

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The Dutch authorities volition contiguous further easiness Covid restrictions contempt grounds numbers of infections, with restaurants, bars and theatres acceptable to re-open connected Wednesday.

Prime curate Mark Rutte told a quality league connected Tuesday:

The Netherlands has missed you.

Today we are taking a large measurement to further unlock the Netherlands. That feels contradictory portion the contamination figures are going done the roof, and we person to beryllium wide that we are taking a risk.

Rutte said the determination was successful effect to “great tensions” with the hospitality and taste sectors implicit a virtual lockdown imposed days earlier Christmas.

Anger mounted aft shops, gyms, hairdressers and enactment workers were allowed to resume concern connected 15 January, but different venues had to enactment shut. Cafes successful respective cities opened successful defiance of the restrictions the play earlier last, portion dozens of museums adjacent opened arsenic good arsenic quality salons for a time successful protest, Agence France-Presse reports.

The European state is presently seeing grounds numbers of coronavirus cases, with caller infections moving astatine astir 60,000 a day, fuelled by the Omicron variant.

However, intensive attraction admissions and deaths person been falling.

The Netherlands is acceptable   to easiness  restrictions and reopen bars and restaurants from Wednesday.
The Netherlands is acceptable to easiness restrictions and reopen bars and restaurants from Wednesday. Photograph: Piroschka van de Wouw/Reuters

Cafes, bars and restaurants tin unfastened again until 10pm, truthful agelong arsenic patrons person a Covid pass, deterioration masks erstwhile not seated, and capableness is reduced, the authorities said.

Cinemas, theatres and museums whitethorn besides invited backmost customers, but nightclubs indispensable enactment closed for the clip being.

Fans tin besides instrumentality to shot matches and different nonrecreational sports, but stadium capableness volition beryllium limited.

Quarantine rules for schools volition besides beryllium relaxed, with classes nary longer having to unopen if 3 oregon much cases are confirmed, and children nether 18 request nary longer isolate aft interaction with an infected person.