COVID Vaccines Are Finally Being Recommended for Kids Ages 5-11

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The CDC’s advisory sheet voted contiguous to urge Pfizer’s pediatric COVID vaccine for each children ages 5 to 11. That proposal comes with the endorsement of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, and the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, who each work statements astatine the gathering successful enactment of the vaccine.

The vaccine was FDA-authorized past week, and the national authorities has already purchased capable vaccine for escaped doses for each 28 cardinal children successful the U.S. successful this property group. The CDC is expected to marque the proposal authoritative precise soon, and you should beryllium capable to marque an assignment with your pediatrician oregon astatine a section vaccine session wrong days, if not by the clip you work this.

A subordinate of the American Pharmacists’ Association noted astatine the gathering that you’ll astir apt person to marque an appointment, alternatively than expecting to locomotion successful to a pharmacy, and that determination mightiness beryllium a hold owed to precocious request from parents and staffing shortages astatine pharmacies.

How does this vaccine comparison to the mentation for teens and adults?

This vaccine, similar the mentation that’s presently successful usage for adults and for kids ages 12 and older, was shown successful trials to beryllium safe, immunogenic (meaning that children’s immune systems responded by making plentifulness of neutralizing antibodies), and effectual astatine preventing cases of COVID. The broadside effects are akin to those for adults.

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The vaccine comes successful a pediatric formulation, packaged successful orange-topped vials alternatively of purple-topped ones, successful a little dose than the big version. That means you’ll request to marque definite erstwhile you marque your assignment that you’re going to a session that tin administer the pediatric version; an big dose isn’t the aforesaid thing. (That said, if a kid gets the big mentation by accident, nary superior consequences are expected—and that dose does number arsenic portion of their series.)

Does a COVID vaccine marque consciousness for children?

Children are little apt than adults to get precise sick from COVID-19, but they can get sick, and they are decidedly capable to walk the microorganism on to adults, including household members. (More than 140,000 U.S. children have mislaid a genitor to COVID.)

COVID has killed astatine slightest 94 children successful the 5-11 property scope successful the U.S., making it the eighth starring origin of decease successful that property group. More than 8,000 person been hospitalized, immoderate with superior and apt lifelong consequences. Yes, children are much apt to beryllium asymptomatic oregon to person mild infections than they are to go hospitalized oregon die, but that inactive means a batch of children are getting earnestly sick from this virus.

In the week since the FDA authorized the vaccine for this property range, I’ve been asking pediatricians for their thoughts connected who should get the vaccine and who possibly doesn’t request it oregon should wait. The answers person each been unanimous: The benefits of the vaccine acold outweigh the risks, for beauteous overmuch everybody.

“I americium recommending it for each my patients successful the approved property range,” says pediatrician Daniel Summers. “Even the debased hazard of superior complications [of COVID-19] for children is higher than I would privation to judge erstwhile we person a harmless and effectual means of bringing it adjacent lower.”

“Vaccinating kids is the champion mode to support them harmless from COVID-19 and is an important measurement toward ending the pandemic,” says Adam Ratner, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases astatine Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital. He pointed retired that the vaccine benefits children directly, by protecting them from getting sick, and besides indirectly, “including decreasing the wide dispersed of COVID-19 successful the community, which tin assistance support susceptible individuals and tin assistance support schools unfastened and safe.”