Crewless Mayflower ship retracing 1620 journey arrives at Plymouth Rock

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A star  powered, crewless vessel  has successfully retraced the 1620 Mayflower voyage from Plymouth, England to the Plymouth Harbor successful  Massachusetts. A star powered crewless vessel has successfully retraced the 1620 Mayflower voyage from Plymouth, England, to the Plymouth Harbor successful Massachusetts. AP

A crewless robotic vessel retracing the 1620 oversea voyage of the Mayflower has landed adjacent Plymouth Rock.

The sleek Mayflower Autonomous Ship met with an escort vessel arsenic it approached the Massachusetts shoreline Thursday, much than 400 years aft its namesake’s historical travel from England.

It was towed into Plymouth Harbor — per U.S. Coast Guard rules for crewless vessels — and docked adjacent a replica of the archetypal Mayflower that brought the Pilgrims to America.

Piloted by artificial quality technology, the 50-foot trimaran did not person a captain, navigator oregon immoderate humans connected board.

The solar-powered ship’s archetypal attempt to transverse the Atlantic successful 2021 was beset with method problems, forcing it backmost to its location larboard of Plymouth, England — the aforesaid spot the Pilgrim settlers sailed from successful 1620.

The Mayflower Autonomous ShipThe Mayflower Autonomous Ship did not person a captain, navigator oregon immoderate different humans connected board. AP
Mayflower Autonomous ShipThe travel was solely piloted by artificial quality technology.AP

It acceptable disconnected from the southwest English seashore again successful April, but mechanical difficulties diverted it to Portugal’s Azores islands and past to Canada.

“When you don’t person anybody onboard, you evidently can’t bash the mechanical, carnal fixes that are needed,” said Rob High, a bundle enforcement astatine IBM helping to enactment connected the project. “That’s besides portion of the learning process.”

On Monday, the vessel departed Halifax, Nova Scotia for a palmy 4-day travel to Plymouth Harbor.

Nonprofit marine probe enactment ProMare worked with IBM to physique the vessel and has been utilizing it to cod information astir whales, microplastics contamination and for different technological research. Small autonomous experimental vessels person crossed the Atlantic before, but researchers picture it arsenic the archetypal vessel of its size to bash so.

The voyage’s completion “means we tin commencement analyzing information from the ship’s journey” and excavation into the AI system’s performance, High said. 

High added the imaginable of specified crewless vessels navigating the seas connected a continuous ground volition marque it easier to cod “all the kinds of things that marine scientists attraction about.”