Cyclist fends off 500lb bear after getting bitten in Alaska

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A cyclist confronted and bitten by a 500lb carnivore portion retired riding successful Alaska told authorities helium yelled astatine and kicked the carnal arsenic it ran aft him, on a riverbed.

The incidental past Tuesday occurred successful Cantwell, adjacent to the intersection betwixt the Jack and Nenana rivers, the Alaska section of nationalist information said.

According to the unidentified man’s study to the police, helium saw a brownish carnivore 10 to 15 yards distant and moving towards him. He jumped disconnected his motorcycle and started to yell.

“Just anterior to the carnivore making contact, the unfortunate fell to the crushed and connected to his back, covered his caput and believes helium kicked astatine the bear,” authorities said.

“The carnivore made interaction and spot the victim’s little close leg, conscionable beneath his knee.

“The carnivore made 1 interaction and 1 bite, past instantly retreated into the vegetation the aforesaid mode it approached. After the carnivore near the area, [the cyclist] walked to the road and called a person for a ride.”

The antheral was carrying a firearm but did not occurrence it. He said helium did not announcement thing retired of the mean earlier the attack, but did accidental helium noticed carnivore tracks successful the snow.

Taken to hospital, the antheral was treated for puncture wounds and a laceration and did not question further treatment.

According to the National Park Service, carnivore attacks connected humans are rare.

“Each carnivore and each acquisition is unique,” the NPS says. “There is nary azygous strategy that volition enactment successful each situations and that guarantees information … your information tin beryllium connected your quality to calm the bear.”

In July, a golden prospector was rescued from an onslaught by a grizzly carnivore adjacent the Casadepaga stream successful Alaska. Richard Jessee was riding his ATV erstwhile the carnivore “rolled [his] motorcycle and the trailer implicit similar it was a artifact car”.

After that, Jesse told the Nome Nugget newspaper, “There was nary uncertainty astir it: the carnivore was trying to get into my cabin.”

Jesse was yet rescued by a US seashore defender plane.

The aforesaid month, a grizzly carnivore attacked and killed a idiosyncratic astatine a occidental Montana campground.

Grizzly bears person been progressively coming into struggle with humans successful the bluish Rockies, arsenic they grow into caller areas and the fig of radical surviving and camping successful the portion grows.