Czech Republic Hosts Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, A Heavy Blow To Beijing: Experts

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Following Czech’s caller election, which booted the communists retired of Parliament, the Czech Senate passed a solution supporting practice with Taiwan, including inviting Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu to Prague. Experts suggest that Wu’s sojourn to the Czech Republic is of large value successful deepening Taiwan-Czech relations, dealing a dense stroke to Beijing.

Czech Senate President Vows Support for Taiwan

Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil pledged enactment for Taiwan’s ideology earlier his planned gathering with Taiwan’s overseas curate Joseph Wu.

On Oct. 13, the Czech Senate Committee connected Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Security passed a solution supporting practice with Taiwan connected innovation, trade, and concern including inviting Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu to a forum successful Prague connected Oct. 27 and 28.

Epoch Times Photo Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu speaks astatine Globsec forum successful Bratislava, Slovakia, connected Oct. 26, 2021. (Vladimir Simicek/AFP via Getty Images)

During the forum, Wu called connected antiauthoritarian countries to unite against authoritarianism.

“The pursuit of state and ideology has ever been the astir important crushed that our 2 countries are intimately connected,” Wu said.

“Our antiauthoritarian accomplishments … request to beryllium underpinned by determination and principles. This is particularly existent successful times erstwhile authoritarianism continuously seeks to undermine the values and institutions that we each cherish,” Wu added. “We request to enactment with and enactment each other. United we stand, divided we fall.”

From Aug. 30 to Sept. 4 past year, Vystrcil led a delegation of 89 people, including senators and businesspeople, to Taiwan for meetings with the apical echelons of Taiwanese politics. His enactment was met with fierce vitriol from the Chinese leadership.

Epoch Times Photo Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil (L) is greeted by Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (R) upon his accomplishment astatine the airdrome successful Taoyuan, connected Aug. 30, 2020. (Sam Yeh/AFP via Getty Images)

Experts: Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Visiting Czech Republic is of Great Significance

In an interrogation with The Epoch Times, elder governmental and economical commentator Lin Baohua and Taiwan’s National Policy Research Foundation researcher and subject adept Li Zhengxiu suggested that the Taiwanese overseas minister’s caller invitation to sojourn the Czech Republic is simply a important determination for Prague. It volition not lone deepen Taiwan-Czech relations but volition besides woody a dense stroke to the CCP.

“Although Taiwan’s overseas curate has visited the United States before, the sojourn was unofficial and secretive. This time, the nationalist invitation from the Czech Republic is astir the aforesaid arsenic officially recognizing Taiwan,” Lin said.

“Inviting Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs Minister is of large value to the planetary community. It has far-reaching effects connected some the CCP-Czech and the Taiwan-Czech relationships. Taiwan-Czech relations volition undoubtedly deepen, and for the CCP, it is undoubtedly a diplomatic setback,” Li said.

Epoch Times Photo Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu delivers his code aft helium received the Silver Commemorative Medal of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic from President of Czech Senate Milos Vystrcil (unseen), successful Prague, connected Oct. 27, 2021. (Michal Cizek/AFP via Getty Images)

Both experts said that due to the fact that the Czech radical were erstwhile nether the regularisation of communists, they recognize the evil of communism and truthful person a beardown aversion to the KSCM. Similarly, Taiwan has a agelong past of being bullied and threatened by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Taiwan’s largest absorption party, the Chinese Nationalist Party, which has a pro-China stance, mislaid by a ample borderline successful Taiwan’s past 2 statesmanlike elections. From this perspective, Taiwan and the Czech Republic person a communal connection and tin pass successful presumption of cosmopolitan values.

From an economical standpoint, the Czech Republic is 1 of the countries successful Central and Eastern Europe wherever Taiwan has ample investments arsenic good arsenic adjacent economical and commercialized relations. As a result, galore industries successful the Czech Republic are comparatively developed compared to neighboring countries. At the aforesaid time, the neighboring countries anticipation to fortify practice with Taiwan with the intent of processing their economies, according to the 2 experts.

From Vystrcil’s sojourn to Taiwan past twelvemonth to the Czech Republic’s program to found its archetypal Asia deliberation vessel successful Taiwan this year, the Czech Republic appears to beryllium attaching large value to the improvement of relations with Taiwan, according to Li.

In effect to the CCP’s infiltration, the Czech deliberation vessel “European Values Center” (EVC) signed a concern statement with Taiwan successful April this year. According to a property merchandise from the organization, it is slated to unfastened an bureau successful Taiwan successful the 2nd fractional of this twelvemonth and volition beryllium the archetypal successful Taipei to beryllium tally by a backstage European deliberation tank.

Lin said that helium has ever had large expectations for the improvement of Taiwan-Czech relations. He besides hopes that the 2 sides of the Taiwan Strait—China and Taiwan—can enactment divided connected peaceful presumption conscionable similar the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, judging by the CCP’s continued assertive actions, this seems intolerable nether the existent condition.

Li believes that the CCP’s “wolf warrior diplomacy” prompted the Czech Republic and Taiwan to go closer. Initially, the Czech Republic welcomed the “One-China Policy” nether its erstwhile administrations, but the CCP’s assertiveness repelled the federation and galore others. In his view, the CCP’s “One-China Policy” has begun to waver. If the CCP continues with this forceful benignant of diplomacy, its diplomatic relations with different countries volition lone worsen.

New Czech Conservative Group Upsets Election

On Oct. 9, the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), for the archetypal clip since the enactment of the Czech Republic successful 1993, failed to clasp capable seats to participate the Czech Parliament, taking 3.62 percent of the vote, which failed to conscionable the 5 percent people needed to stay successful some parliamentary chambers.

In a stunning upset, Czech’s center-right absorption group, the SPOLU (Together) alliance—a three-party coalition—won 27.8 percent of the votes, beating incumbent Prime Minister Andrej Babis’ ANO Party, which captured 27.1 percent. The SPOLU confederation formed a caller authorities with its allies, the Pirates and Mayors —a two-party coalition—to execute a combined bulk of 108 seats.

Epoch Times Photo Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis speaks to the media aft his ANO governmental question mislaid parliamentary elections, successful Prague, connected Oct. 9, 2021. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The communists maintained a adjacent relationship with Czech’s existent President, Milos Zeman, who is known to beryllium pro-communist and has adjacent ties with China. The president had openly voiced enactment for Babis—who is simply a known state of Zeman— earlier the wide election.

Events Following the Election

On the nighttime of the election, the 5 governmental leaders from the SPOLU confederation and the Pirates and Mayors (PIR/STAN) conjugation signed a “memorandum of understanding,” with the purpose to regenerate Babis with a caller premier curate projected by the 2 alliances.

The Czech Republic is simply a unitary parliamentary law republic successful which the president is the caput of state, and the premier curate is the caput of government. Czech Parliament is bicameral; the precocious location of the Parliament is the Senate, the little location of the Parliament is the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the Czech Republic’s constitution, the premier curate is nominated by the enactment that has won the bulk of seats successful the Chamber of Deputies and past appointed by the president. The premier curate nominates the cabinet. The caller furniture members indispensable walk the ballot of assurance successful the Chamber of Deputies wrong 1 month.

Zeman said earlier the wide predetermination that helium would ballot for Prime Minister Babis and declared that the azygous enactment with the astir votes would beryllium appointed to signifier the cabinet. If the 2 absorption coalitions importune connected refusing to cooperate with Babis, helium is improbable to stay successful power.

Doctors Declare Czech President Zeman Unfit

Epoch Times Photo Czech President Milos Zeman gives a associated property league with his Austrian counterpart successful Vienna connected June 10, 2021. (Georg Hochmuth/APA/AFP via Getty Images)

Zeman was rushed to the infirmary connected Oct. 10 pursuing the latest predetermination results. Director Miroslav Zavoral of the Central Military Hospital successful Prague said Zeman, 77, was admitted owed to complications related to an undisclosed chronic condition.

On Oct. 18, Vystrcil released a study by Prague’s Military University Hospital connected Zeman’s wellness status. The report, signed by the infirmary manager and the president’s main physician, General Miroslav Zavoral, indicated the caput of authorities is presently unfit to serve.

Epoch Times Photo Director of the Central Military Hospital Miroslav Zavoral speaks to the media successful Prague, connected Oct. 10, 2021. (Michal Cizek/AFP via Getty Images)

“Milos Zeman, president of the republic, is presently incapable to fulfill the duties of his office,” Vystrcil said astatine a property conference. Referring to the aesculapian report, Vystrcil added: “Prague Military University Hospital cannot contented a reliable semipermanent prognosis connected the wellness presumption of President Milos Zeman. Given the benignant of carnal ailment, a instrumentality to bureau successful the coming weeks, therefore, appears highly unlikely.”

The Czech Republic’s constitution states that if the president’s bureau is vacant oregon helium is incapable to execute his duties, the president of the Chamber of Deputies volition person the powerfulness to name the premier minister.

If the president cannot execute his duties, some chambers of Parliament tin region him from office. And the recently elected president of the Chamber of Deputies (Lower House) volition determine the caller premier minister.

A Brief History of the Czech Republic

From the communist coup d’état successful February 1948 to the Velvet Revolution successful 1989, Czechoslovakia was ruled by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. During the epoch of Communist Party rule, thousands of Czechoslovakians faced governmental persecution, and immoderate were adjacent tortured to death.

The Velvet Revolution was a non-violent modulation of powerfulness taking spot from Nov. 17 to Dec. 29, 1989. Massive demonstrations against the one-party authorities of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia led by students and dissidents resulted successful the extremity of 41 years of one-party regularisation successful Czechoslovakia and the consequent conversion to a parliamentary republic.

On Jan. 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia was peacefully divided into 2 autarkic states: Czech and Slovak Republics.

While the communists mostly faded into the inheritance aft 1989, they inactive cooperated with different parties seeking votes to walk authorities successful Parliament. They besides worked to entreaty to elder citizens and working-class members of the republic but failed to resonate with younger voters, fixed their erstwhile totalitarian rule.

Joyce Liang contributed to this report.

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