Dad edits out ‘gender stereotypes’ in daughter’s Disney Princess books

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Some are hailing him a progressive “Fairy Godfather” of sorts — but others deliberation he’s conscionable plain desecrating Disney classics.

A acrophobic dada is stirring the cookware online aft releasing a bid of TikTok clips that amusement him editing retired “gender stereotypes” successful his daughter’s Disney Princess books. The begetter — who goes by @dcaspers connected the level — uploaded the “woke” makeovers past year, but they’ve precocious gone viral, racking up millions of views.

“Changing time starts today,” reads the caption to one of the director’s cuts, which presently boasts astir 3 cardinal views.

The inflammatory clip, entitled “Dad Hack,” shows @dcaspers altering a country from a representation publication mentation of 2009’s “Princess and the Frog,” which shows Princess Tiana baking cookies for Prince Naveen.

Using immoderate integer wizardry, helium superimposes a pic of nachos implicit the sweets, and replaces the preexisting substance with dialog that indicates that the princess is really making the Tex-Mex treats for herself.

“Excuse maine Prince Naveen, these nachos are conscionable for me,” the caller mentation reads. The begetter past cuts retired the archetypal leafage from the publication and glues his relation reversing reimagining successful its place. He gives akin feminist facelifts to the novelized mentation of “Beauty and the Beast,” “Snow White” and different timeless Disney classics similar a progressive Fairy Godmother.

In his “Little Mermaid” makeover, @dcaspers digitally switches the publication truthful Ariel baking a barroom for Prince Eric becomes Ariel eating transportation pizza and scrolling through TikTok — wherever she finds a “new love.”

And by instrumentality request, the freelance exertion revamps the ending of “Cinderella” truthful that she marries Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” alternatively of Prince Charming.

One of the dad's misogyny-busting reimaginings.One of the dad’s misogyny-busting reimaginings.TikTok / @dcaspers

Suffice it to say, his progressive reboots sparked mixed reactions connected TikTok with 1 admirer penning “best dada ever” successful the remark conception nether his aviator “Dad Hack” video.

“Why can’t each men spot however problematic those books tin be,” fumed 1 TikTok fan. Another protagonist wondered, “can you u merchantability these stories? I person 2 daughters I’m ace interested!!! Great job!!!”

However, others viewed his equity-promoting edits arsenic a grounds of woke “cancel culture” tally amok.

“This procreation virtually cancels radical for the astir minuscule things,” changeable 1 critic, portion different wrote, “so alternatively of learning from history, we should conscionable erase it and alteration it to acceptable our ain likings?”

Another recovered the father’s “Princess and the Frog” remake a spot overzealous arsenic Tiana is simply a baking enthusiast successful the story.

“This is extra, I archer my daughters they tin bash thing they acceptable their caput to…no request to thatch them misandry,” said another.

“Bruh, conscionable don’t bargain the publication if it offends you,” 1 spectator suggested.