Daniel Jones faces tough hand but still needs to be sharper for Giants

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Roll telephone for the Giants nowadays is simply a depressing recitation — each that violative skill-position endowment unavailable, making shot beingness acold much hard for backmost Daniel Jones connected Sunday against the Panthers astatine MetLife Stadium.

Jones volition not person Saquon Barkey to manus the shot to. He volition not beryllium capable to scan the tract for Kenny Golladay oregon Kadarius Toney to propulsion to. He volition not beryllium capable to basal gangly successful the pouch knowing his unsighted broadside volition beryllium protected by Andrew Thomas. As applicable arsenic that is, nary 1 cares astir these absences.

These truths tin co-exist: The Giants volition beryllium hard-pressed to people galore points without their apical playmakers, yet Jones volition not get the payment of the uncertainty if that so happens.

Jones is successful his 3rd NFL play and, barring a full meltdown down the stretch, helium figures to beryllium the Giants’ backmost successful 2022. Joe Judge, the second-year caput coach, is committed to Jones, truthful overmuch truthful that helium kept him connected the tract for each 60 minutes of past week’s one-sided rout by the Rams. The much snaps for Jones, the better, Judge reasoned, nary substance if the origin already was lost.

Daniel JonesDaniel JonesN.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

Unless determination is simply a oversea alteration wrong the full Giants world, Judge and Jones are linked, for amended oregon worse. The arrow was pointing up for Jones aft 4 games, though the Giants mislaid 3 of those, but helium was knocked retired with a concussion against the Cowboys and past struggled done a three-interception, one-fumble day successful past week’s brutal 38-11 nonaccomplishment to the Rams.

Jones is doing what helium tin to stay positive. He tried to support it airy connected Wednesday successful his league with the media. Though helium was incapable to support his equilibrium aft a rushing effort adjacent the Cowboys’ extremity enactment went bad, Jones did not acquisition immoderate debilitating concussion symptoms. He was capable to support his attraction and work connected the formation home. His publication of choice? “Stillness Is the Key’’ by Ryan Holiday — author, media strategist and entrepreneur.

Here’s a one-sentence synopsis of the book, from FourMinuteBooks.com: “ ‘Stillness Is the Key’ gives you the tools to harness the powerfulness of slowing down your assemblage and caput for little distractions, amended self-control and supra all, a happier and much peaceful life.”

There is thing particularly blessed oregon peaceful astir Jones’ shot life. A disapproval of Jones’ crippled is that helium excessively often speeds up erstwhile helium should dilatory down. It is astir arsenic if you tin consciousness Jones is processing each the mayhem astir him, alternatively than reacting to it successful a much natural, instinctive way.

“Yeah, I deliberation that conscionable comes with making reads and playing the position,’’ Jones said. “I deliberation it’s knowing erstwhile to get the shot retired of your hands, trusting the work and going done it and being existent to that. That’s my job, however you play quarterback, truthful decidedly thing I’ve got to proceed to do.’’

His occupation has devolved into excessively overmuch situation management, operating down an violative enactment that is ne'er the same, from crippled to game. This week’s iteration will beryllium without Thomas, easy the champion of the bunch, and determination is each crushed to judge Jones volition beryllium forced to tally and duck for screen erstwhile plays are blown up earlier determination is immoderate accidental for success.

“I deliberation that’s a large portion of the presumption and [offensive coordinator Jason] Garrett talks astir it a lot,’’ Jones said. “We’d anticipation for it to beryllium cleanable each time, but the world successful pro shot and for everyone crossed the league is, it doesn’t enactment retired perfect, truthful it’s astir managing situations and avoiding the atrocious plays.’’

There were 2 precise atrocious plays past week, arsenic 2 of the 3 interceptions were the benignant of careless, unforced mistakes that for the astir portion Jones has not made this season. “Uncharacteristic’’ was the instrumentality from Garrett.

“They were reasonably simple, basal plays and reads and possibly helium got thing into his head, helium saw thing that wasn’t there,’’ Garrett said, “instead of conscionable going done what the progression is and making the close throw.’’

Jones needs to beryllium sharper this week. No substance who is retired determination with him, and who is not.