Daniel Jones tops list of the most athletic QBs in New York history

9 months ago 119

Athleticism is simply a comic happening to measure. When astir sports fans perceive the word, they apt deliberation of axenic velocity and leaping ability.

Merriam-Webster defines it this way: Athletic ability. The operation of qualities (such arsenic speed, strength, and agility) that are characteristics of an athlete.

Sounds elemental enough. But mentation is everything. Tom Brady has lived a charmed beingness for much than 2 decades arsenic a backmost universally hailed arsenic the top of each time, yet helium is often mocked arsenic hopelessly unathletic — a statement earned with his brutal pre-draft harvester clip successful the 40-yard dash (if you tin telephone 5.28 seconds a “dash”) and, of course, with the shirtless photograph of his less-than-chiseled physique.

For the involvement of argument, a question astir Brady begs to beryllium asked: How tin idiosyncratic who was drafted by a large league shot squad (the Montreal Expos) retired of precocious schoolhouse and by an NFL squad retired of assemblage (you cognize who) beryllium considered a lousy athlete?