Daphne Oz Shares The 1 Thing You ‘Must’ Do To Be The ‘Hostess With The Mostess’ This Holiday Season

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Exclusive Interview

November 5, 2021 2:06PM EDT

Daphne Oz is serving up her tips & tricks to beryllium the champion big successful the crippled this vacation season, with the assistance of Harry & David Gourmet!

‘Tis the play to beryllium hosting! The eventual big and sensational cook Daphne Oz is filled with ideas and tips to marque definite you’re the hostess with the mostess this vacation season. Especially aft the pandemic has kept america each isolated for implicit a year, the holidays this play are definite to beryllium festive and joyous arsenic household and friends stitchery from adjacent and acold — and you privation to beryllium definite you person it each nether control! “To me, a hostess with the mostess is the 1 having the astir FUN. There is thing little festive than a frazzled host, and I person learned the hard mode that doing the astir does not ever warrant you the champion outcome,” Daphne dished successful an EXCLUSIVE interrogation with HollywoodLife.com. “This is bully quality for engaged radical everywhere, due to the fact that it turns retired focusing connected the things that you truly person amusive with, giving personalized small upgrades to store-bought items, and being thoughtful successful a fewer prime ways to marque definite your guests consciousness invited is each you truly request to nail a glorious vacation celebration.”

The New York Times best-selling writer besides noted to marque definite you person “enough ice, plentifulness of booze, nibbles, bully music, and a fewer well-placed candles to bring gorgeous, flattering lighting and an intoxicating atmosphere. But each this is casual capable with a tiny spot of pre-planning!” Daphne admitted that she plans the menu for her gatherings “about a week successful advance” and “imagines the travel of however the lawsuit volition go.”

Daphne Oz (Courtesy of Harry & David)

“Once I cognize what I’m serving, the nighttime earlier I’ll prep thing that tin beryllium prepped up (marinades, veggie prep, etc.) and prime serving dishes for everything and statement them with notes truthful I cognize my crippled plan,” she explained. “I’ll besides constitute myself an hour-by-hour docket for the time of truthful I don’t permission it to accidental whether I’ll hide to enactment the chickenhearted successful to roast successful time. There’s nary shame successful over-planning!” One of her large ‘no-no’s for vacation hosting is “waiting to program your playlist until everyone arrives.” “Music sets the mood, and you don’t privation to beryllium frantically trying to take the adjacent opus successful the moment. Make a playlist oregon 2 (or person your talented friend/kid/sibling/partner marque them!) and person it acceptable to spell truthful each you person to bash is property play and relax,” Daphne advised.

The parent of 4 gushed implicit her must-have hosting secret, which is nary different than dipping into Harry & David’s Gourmet selection! “I emotion utilizing immoderate ready-made items alongside genuinely homemade recipes. The Harry & David Gourmet assortment is filled with sumptuous, prime appetizers, sides, mains, and desserts truthful you tin support the acceptable up arsenic effortless arsenic you like!” Daphne revealed. “It makes it elemental to service a enactment of elegant, elevated basics and ships close to my location truthful I ne'er tally retired of the essentials! I emotion their baskets filled with artisanal meats, cheeses and salty nibbles arsenic the cleanable hostess gift! And a beauteous vessel of sweet, juicy Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears and a fewer bars of rich, acheronian cocoa breached up into bites is simply a blissfully easy, saccharine ending for everyone to linger implicit and proceed enjoying 1 another, which is the precise champion portion of the holidays.”

Daphne Oz (Courtesy of Harry & David)

Not to mention, thing connected Harry & David Gourmet makes a fabulous vacation gift, if you’re a guest! Daphne shared her favourite Harry & David Gourmet items here, for to bask each vacation season!