David Fuller: man admits murdering two women and sexually abusing corpses

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An electrician who admitted murdering 2 women successful 1987 besides sexually attacked scores of corpses successful a infirmary mortuary successful the worst offending of its benignant successful British ineligible history, prosecutors say.

David Fuller pleaded blameworthy to murdering Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, successful abstracted attacks successful Tunbridge Wells, Kent constabulary said.

The 67-year-old changed his pleas connected Thursday partway done his proceedings astatine Maidstone crown court, which heard that helium sexually assaulted the 2 women aft sidesplitting them. He had admitted sidesplitting the 2 women but primitively pleaded not blameworthy to execution connected the grounds of diminished responsibility.

His proceedings heard that helium besides sexually assaulted women’s corpses successful the mortuaries astatine Kent and Sussex infirmary and Tunbridge Wells infirmary portion moving there.

Police person detected astatine slightest 99 imaginable victims of Fuller, successful what is believed to beryllium the worst lawsuit of necrophilia successful British ineligible history.

Before his execution trial, helium pleaded blameworthy to 51 different offences, including 44 charges relating to 78 victims identified who were attacked successful mortuaries, which helium had entree to done his enactment arsenic an electrician. The attacks connected the corpses are believed to person been committed betwixt 2008 and November 2020.

In footage released by Kent constabulary of Fuller’s interrogation with detectives, helium says: “I privation to admit … I americium admitting the offences but I don’t truly privation to spell into detail.”

When Fuller’s location was raided constabulary discovered 4m images of intersexual abuse. Most were downloaded from the internet, but Fuller had besides recorded himself abusing bodies.

The CPS said Fuller’s necrophilia was unprecedented successful British ineligible history: “Searches of Fuller’s location pursuing his apprehension uncovered hard drives concealed successful a fell successful his home, revealing grounds of prolific intersexual offending of a benignant nary British tribunal has seen before.

“Between 2008 and 2020, Fuller had filmed and photographed himself sexually abusing the bodies of dozens of women and girls astatine 2 Tunbridge Wells infirmary mortuaries helium was capable to entree done his occupation arsenic the attraction supervisor.”

Knell was recovered dormant successful her flat with terrible injuries successful Guildford Road connected 23 June 1987. Pierce was killed 5 months later, connected 24 November, extracurricular her location successful Grosvenor Park. Neighbours described proceeding screams from her level connected the nighttime successful question, the tribunal heard connected Monday. She was reported missing, and her assemblage was aboriginal discovered successful a water-filled dyke astatine St Mary-in-the-Marsh connected 15 December 1987. DNA grounds from some women’s bodies linked Fuller to their killings.

There were reports of “prowler activity” successful the lead-up to some women’s deaths, with section radical reporting a voyeur looking done their windows.

Fuller was arrested for execution connected 3 December past twelvemonth aft caller investigation of decades-old DNA evidence, and officers searched his home. There they recovered images of dormant women astatine the 2 infirmary mortuaries being abused by Fuller, the prosecutor, Duncan Atkinson QC, said connected Monday.

Officers past recovered 4 hard drives with 5TB of information retention successful full attached to the backmost of a cupboard. “When these hard drives were examined, they were recovered to incorporate a room of unimaginable intersexual depravity”, Atkinson said.

In a constabulary interview, Fuller admitted to utilizing Facebook to hunt for photos of the radical helium abused successful the mortuary.

In narration to identifying and naming the files containing images of his offending against dormant people, helium said helium had gone backmost to sanction them astatine a aboriginal stage, utilizing the ledgers from the mortuary and recognition tags connected the bodies, Atkinson said.

He added: “He admitted to searching for them connected the internet, including connected Facebook. He claimed that this would beryllium aft the offending, alternatively than probe earlier offending.”

Atkinson said these images provided grounds that Fuller committed the acts retired of “sexual gratification” and not intelligence illness.

The location secretary, Priti Patel, said she hoped the victims’ families could “find immoderate solace successful seeing justness yet done”. Describing the lawsuit arsenic shocking, she added: “The sickening quality of the crimes committed volition understandably origin nationalist revulsion and concern.”

Libby Clark, of the CPS, said: “This highly unsafe antheral has inflicted unimaginable suffering connected countless families and helium has lone admitted his long-held secrets erstwhile confronted with overwhelming evidence.

“I person nary uncertainty helium would inactive beryllium offending to this time had it not been for this painstaking probe and prosecution.”

Sajid Javid, the wellness secretary, said the NHS had written to each wellness trusts asking for mortuary entree and postmortem activities to beryllium reviewed. An autarkic reappraisal has started astatine the spot wherever Fuller worked and the Human Tissue Authority has been asked for proposal connected whether rules request to beryllium changed.

A day for Fuller’s sentencing has not yet been set.