David Rosales Delivers A Message Of Empowerment, Inclusivity & Good ‘Vibes’ With ‘Turn It Around’

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Exclusive Premiere

October 21, 2021 2:00PM EDT

With assistance from pro surfers Malia Ward and Juli Hernandez and a brace of skateboards, Americana creator David Rosales brings ‘good vibes’ portion hoping to animate the adjacent procreation of pistillate athletes.

From the opening notes of “Turn It Around,” David Rosales‘s newest single, it’s wide that that this is simply a portion of audio sunshine. The groovy twang of the guitar leads into immoderate jubilant horns, and 1 can’t assistance but grin arsenic the opus sweeps distant immoderate lingering grey cloud. “Turn It Around” blends Americana with classical R&B and soul, making an uplifting jam that showcases the rising star’s striking voice. “And everyone gets a small debased / and everyone gets a small high,” helium sings connected the chorus. “Believe erstwhile you unfastened your eyes / you volition spot / ohio yeah, we’re gonna crook it around.”

The breeziness of the opus is matched with the corresponding video, which has Juli Hernandez and Malia Ward – some nonrecreational borders and contestants connected ABC’s The Ultimate Surfer – cruise astir Hollywood connected a brace of skate decks. Fancy footwork and smiles abound arsenic Juli and Malia alert crossed the pavement. It’s specified a joyousness to ticker them that you’ll privation to articulation in. That’s precisely what happens – with a fistful of women and girls grabbing their boards for a radical thrust astir confederate California.

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“I privation to empower and beforehand inclusivity,” David tells HollywoodLife about the caller video. “Traditionally male-dominated committee sports are present overmuch much unfastened than erstwhile I was increasing up, and arsenic the dada of a sporty 10-year-old girl, that is thing I’m gladsome to see. I privation to beryllium portion of that evolution. While filming the video, truthful galore women and girls of each ages were pumped to spot Juli and Malia. Strange times request bully vibes… and these are the bully vibes I privation to spread.”

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Hailing from Huntington Beach, David Rosales hopes to bring immoderate of those bully vibes with his upcoming sophomore album. Revive should get sometime successful Spring 2020, his archetypal large task since his 2018 debut, Brave Ones. “Turn It Around” — the archetypal azygous from Revive — demonstrates however David’s dependable has evolved successful the past fewer years. The summation of a Memphis horns-style brass conception to his backing set (Rosales & His Band of Scoundrels) brings immoderate confederate spirit to his West Coast Americana. The results are a dependable that gets everyone moving – beryllium it dancing oregon skating on into the sunset connected a affirmative question of inclusion and happiness.