David Vogel: 5 Things To Know About The Dreamy Singer On ‘The Voice’ Season 21

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October 26, 2021 2:21PM EDT

David Vogel is 1 of the singers to ticker connected ‘The Voice.’ Ahead of his Knockouts performance, present are 5 cardinal things to cognize astir this swoonworthy singer.

David Vogel volition beryllium performing erstwhile again during the October 26 occurrence of The Voice. The 23-year-old beryllium facing disconnected against Ryleigh Plank during the latest circular of Knockouts. David volition beryllium singing Selena Gomez’s “Lose You To Love Me.”

David’s talents person taken him this acold successful the competition, and he’s conscionable 1 measurement distant from The Voice unrecorded shows. HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 things you request to cognize astir David.

David VogelDavid Vogel during the Battle round. (NBC)

1. David performed an Ariana Grande opus successful beforehand of her.

David sang Ariana Grande’s “breathin” for his Blind Audition. Ariana turned her seat for him astatine the past imaginable second. David enactment his ain rotation connected the track, thing Ari loved. “That was truthful beautiful. I thought it was a truly unsocial take. I emotion that you play an instrumentality too,” she said. “I loved your instrumentality connected it. I emotion your tone. I emotion your style. I’m selfishly precise blessed I waited ‘til the past 2nd due to the fact that present you are excavation and excavation only. I’m precise blessed astir this. I americium truthful excited to hopefully spell each the mode to the end.”

David moved connected to the Battles and faced disconnected with Chavon Rodgers. They performed Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Going Down,” with David winning the Battle.

2. He is portion of the set JADN.

David is simply a subordinate of the set JADN, on with his brother. The set has an EP that’s retired present titled A Futile Attempt. JADN is based retired of New York.

3. David comes from a household of musicians.

David’s “biggest inspiration” erstwhile it comes to euphony is his grandma who attended Manhattan School of Music successful the ’50s, according to his NBC bio. After learning however to sing astatine a young age, David has decided to support the household contented alive. In summation to his band, David went to assemblage to survey audio engineering.

4. David started penning songs astatine a young age.

In a 2019 Instagram post, David revealed that helium began penning songs erstwhile helium was 13 oregon 14. “It was ever thing I wanted to bash but it ne'er came casual to me,” helium wrote. “Still doesn’t. I wrote a batch of songs implicit the years; immoderate truly atrocious ones and immoderate bully ones present and there.”

David Vogel during his Blind Audition. (NBC)

5. He’s connected Instagram!

David has an Instagram page with implicit 21,000 followers. His Instagram bio reads, “Coffee chugged, homies hugged.”