Dead & Beautiful review – slick vampire drama gets its fangs into the super-rich

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Black Mirror meets Succession successful this arthouse-y intelligence vampire drama, the communicative of 5 super-rich millennials – the bored, entitled offspring of planetary billionaires – who go vampires. The satirical excavation here, of course, is that they’re already soulless, uncaring bloodsuckers, adjacent earlier waking up with existent fangs. But manager David Verbeek’s publication doesn’t rather wield the scalpel with capable sadistic glee. Instead, this movie feels ever-so-slightly sluggish and dour successful places.

What Verbeek does brilliantly is to make an eerie parallel satellite of sterile luxury: glass-walled, penthouse restaurants and gleaming, first-class lounges. The movie was changeable successful the Taiwanese superior Taipei, wherever the 5 aged friends person jetted in. Money tin bargain immoderate they want; but what this batch craves is caller experiences. So they person formed an elite club, staging elaborate events and pranks for each other. For his crook Bin-Ray (Philip Juan) fakes his ain death.

Next up is vacuous Instagram influencer Anastasia (Anna Marchenko). She arranges a spiritual cleansing travel for the radical successful the mountains that goes spectacularly wrong: the 5 walk retired aft a tribal shaman rubs humor into their foreheads. Flying backmost to the metropolis connected a chopper, they observe that they’ve abruptly grown vampire fangs – there’s a terrific country of them fiddling with their choppers similar six-year-olds with wobbly teeth. Back successful Taipei they effort to enactment retired whether they are vampires for real: daylight isn’t harmful, but drinking humor (procured from a antheral stripper) pumps up Alex (Yen Tsao).

The movie trundles connected middlingly until a fewer precocious twists: mildly satisfying, they consciousness a spot muddled and make immoderate superior crippled inconsistencies. And the full happening hinges connected a phantasy that, heavy down, the fabulously affluent – immoderate of them, astatine slightest – despise their wealth and status. I’m not definite I’m buying it.