Death Toll Rises to 23 in Nigerian Building Site Collapse

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LAGOS, Nigeria—The decease toll from the illness of a high-rise flat gathering nether operation successful Nigeria’s astir populous metropolis has risen to 23 with 2 much bodies recovered Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

Nine radical had been rescued by Tuesday, but nary caller survivors were recovered Wednesday. Segun Akande of the Nigerian Red Cross told The Associated Press that rescue efforts continue, but said determination seemed to beryllium small anticipation for those trapped successful the heap of debris.

“The chances are precise slim; very, precise slim,” helium said erstwhile asked astir those inactive trapped.

Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said it was unclear however agelong the rescue ngo would continue.

“There is nary pillar successful immoderate signifier that is holding anything,” helium said of the building’s remains. “Hope is what is successful abbreviated supply,” helium told families. “Hope is what we each necessitate now.”

It’s chartless however galore radical could inactive beryllium trapped wrong the debris, but 1 operation idiosyncratic astatine the country had estimated determination were astir 100, leaving perchance 70 unaccounted for.

The 21-story luxury flat gathering nether operation toppled Monday and it took respective hours for officials to motorboat the rescue effort. Authorities person arrested the property’s owner, according to media reports, saying that his gathering licence lone allowed for a 15-story structure.

Epoch Times Photo Rescue workers astatine the tract of the acollapsed 21-story flat gathering nether operation successful Lagos, Nigeria, connected Nov. 2, 2021. (Sunday Alamba/AP Photo)

By the entranceway of the compound, assistance desks were acceptable up for radical to supply names and photos of their relatives oregon friends who they believed were moving determination erstwhile the operation crumbled.

There was besides a assistance table for counselling and enactment of distraught relatives, galore of whom were lined up by the roadside.

Abel Godwin traveled 722 kilometers (448 miles) from the nation’s capital, Abuja, successful hunt of his 18-year-old lad who had been employed astatine the site.

After arriving successful Lagos astatine 2 a.m., helium visited the authorities infirmary wherever victims are being treated.

“They couldn’t let maine to cheque whether my lad is live oregon dead,” helium lamented.

Dozens of household members person expressed choler and vexation implicit their inability to cognize the destiny of their relatives.

The Lagos authorities authorities has acceptable up an autarkic sheet to find the origin of the mishap and whether the task developers had afloat complied with gathering laws. The sheet besides is to analyse whether determination were immoderate lapses by authorities regulators successful overseeing the project.

“People are so upset, radical are angry. I tin guarantee you we are doing everything,” the politician said.

By Chinedu Asadu

The Associated Press


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