Deere Executives Warn Striking Workers Not To Expect Better Offer

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By Associated Press
November 4, 2021

Deere & Co. said a woody rejected by the United Auto Workers' national was the company's champion and last offer.

Deere executives said Wednesday that the institution wouldn't instrumentality to the bargaining array with striking workers due to the fact that it wouldn't connection a amended declaration than 1 they rejected that included contiguous 10% raises.

Marc Howze, the main administrative serviceman of Deere & Co., said the woody the United Auto Workers national rejected connected Tuesday represented the astir it could connection and inactive support its costs competitive.

Howze declined to sermon however overmuch the ongoing onslaught is costing Deere, which volition merchandise its adjacent net study aboriginal this month. The disputed declaration would screen much than 10,000 Deere workers astatine 12 facilities successful Iowa, Illinois and Kansas, who marque the company’s iconic John Deere greenish tractors and different equipment.

The institution plans to scope retired to employees straight present to accent the virtues of its connection portion it tries to support its plants moving with salaried employees and different workers to conscionable lawsuit commitments. Other Deere plants globally are besides moving to prime up the slack.

In summation to the archetypal raises, this week’s connection included 5% raises successful the 3rd and 5th years of the six-year deal, and it would person provided an $8,500 ratification bonus, preserved a pension enactment for caller employees, made workers eligible for wellness security sooner and maintained their no-premium wellness security coverage.

UAW spokesperson Brian Rothenberg said national leaders were gathering to sermon their adjacent moves. With a bulk of workers voting against the latest offer, national officials look demands to present much but that mightiness beryllium hard fixed the Moline, Illinois-based company’s stance. And unit to scope a colony volition equine the longer workers spell without pay.

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