Demand for rental homes in UK up by 23% in a year, as rents hit record high

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Demand for rental homes crossed the UK has jumped by astir a 4th successful a year, probe has found, piling much unit connected an oversubscribed marketplace and pushing record backstage rents adjacent higher.

The fig of radical enquiring astir homes to rent is up 23% connected this clip past year, according to the spot website Rightmove, driven successful portion by immoderate would-be buyers putting their plans connected clasp successful the anticipation that owe rates volition driblet successful the caller year.

That has successful crook fed an summation successful however overmuch landlords charge, with abstracted probe from the London property cause Foxtons reporting rents successful the superior successful the archetypal 9 months of this twelvemonth had risen 22% year-on-year, with the mean rent present astatine a grounds £571 a week.

However, the outgo and availability of mortgages has begun to settle pursuing a turbulent 2 months aft the Liz Truss government’s mini-budget spread mayhem successful the market, with indications rates could driblet further adjacent year.

The mean two-year hole has fallen from a highest of 6.65% successful precocious October to 6.12% now. Meanwhile the mean five-year fixed complaint this week dropped beneath 6% for the archetypal clip since the mini-budget, according to Moneyfacts, and is present 5.92%.

Rightmove warned that owe rates would stabilise astatine a higher level than buyers person been utilized to successful caller years. The Bank of England is forecast to rise its basal complaint to 4.25% by adjacent spring, though that is little than erstwhile feared.

First-time buyers person been hardest deed by the leap successful owe rates, particularly those who were already financially stretched.

They are apt to find contention for a suitable rental location overmuch fiercer than successful the income market, and prime much limited, Rightmove said. The fig of smaller disposable rental homes – studios and 1 and two-bedroom properties – is down by 4% compared with past year, portion successful the income marketplace it is up 13%.

Christian Balshen, a spot adept astatine Rightmove, said: “It’s highly frustrating for truthful galore radical successful the rental market, with request truthful high. The fig of aspiring first-time buyers who person present had to crook to the rental marketplace is exacerbating the concern further. We’re seeing immoderate much properties coming to market, but obscurity capable to conscionable demand.”

Amardeep Lall, caput of lettings astatine Manning Stainton, an property bureau successful Leeds and West Yorkshire, said: “Since the pandemic began, the fig of tenants looking for a spot has acold outweighed the fig of rental homes available. This means that it has go precise competitory betwixt tenants to unafraid a viewing and a property, due to the fact that determination are lone truthful galore viewings we are capable to publication in.”

Until the pandemic, rents tracked net closely, with rental maturation since 2005 averaging 2.5% a twelvemonth and net rising by 2.4%. According to probe published by Rightmove past month, advertised rents person jumped adjacent more than successful the superior successful immoderate different cities and towns including Newbury, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

“The interaction of the post-Covid instrumentality to the metropolis has been acute,” Foxtons said. “While past suggests that the rental marketplace volition close to earnings, the underlying supply/demand equilibrium could beryllium squeezed by an influx of overseas students and corporates who aren’t reliant connected idiosyncratic earnings.”