Demarco Shares ‘Do It Again’ Video With Shaggy Along With New Alum: It’s ‘Been Wild, For Sure’

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October 22, 2021 4:30PM EDT

The satellite is vibing connected the caller ‘Melody’ from Demarco. The dancehall superstar shares what went into this debut album, however brainsick it was to enactment with Shaggy, and wherefore this is conscionable the opening for him.

Though Demarco has been successful the dancehall crippled for much than a infinitesimal how, the celebrated euphony prima had yet to merchandise a workplace medium – until today. Ten years aft helium burst retired connected the creation level with “Fallen Soldiers,” the Portmore, St. Catherine Parish autochthonal has blessed the satellite with Melody, a 16-track opus featuring Demarco’s trademark charm and infectious vocals. The grooves are heavy with this party, and everyone’s invited: Sean Paul, Konshens, Sarkodie, Spice, Bomberjak, Stephen Marley, Collie Buddz, Chronic Law, Beenie Man, and Ky-Mani Marley appear passim Melody. The task closes retired with “Do It Again,” a collab with Shaggy – and a opus that got the abbreviated film/music video treatment.

With Shaggy tending bar, Demarco sings astir however his beingness has gotten alternatively “complicated” aft helium and a person “crossed the line” 1 night, going from friends to more than friends. Though she’s not returning immoderate of his calls, Demarco isn’t acceptable to springiness up. “And adjacent though I don’t privation our relationship to extremity / Last nighttime support playing connected my caput similar implicit and implicit again,” helium sings.

Filming the ten-minute abbreviated movie – which was pared down to the three-minute euphony video – was a imagination travel existent for Demarco. “There is nary 1 similar Shaggy,” helium tells HollywoodLife. “No one. This antheral tin act, sing, chopped a rug, and more! Working connected this euphony video successful a abbreviated movie format has been chaotic for sure. Great experience, commencement to finish.”

What does Demarco person to accidental astir releasing his archetypal workplace album, 10 years into his already storied career? “Melody is much than a vibe,” helium tells HollywoodLife. “In truthful galore ways, it’s my communicative and however I got to this infinitesimal successful my career. As an amusement professional, I look astatine this arsenic conscionable the beginning. I’m pleased with this debut medium and acceptable for what the aboriginal holds.”

The aboriginal is looking agleam for Demarco. Since breaking done successful 2011, he’s caught the attraction of stars similar Rihanna – who posted a clip of her singing his song, “I Love My Life,” to her Instagram – arsenic good arsenic others, similar Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and Akon. Though a antagonistic acquisition with a anterior grounds statement delayed the merchandise of his debut, it’s each down him now. Melody is here, and arsenic Demarco’s occurrence continues to rise, it’s champion to footwear backmost and dance.