Democrat Eric Adams Defeats Republican Curtis Sliwa for New York Mayor

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Democrat Eric Adams defeated Republican Curtis Sliwa to go New York City’s adjacent mayor, according to a projection from The Associated Press.

“The polls are officially closed successful NYC,” Adams wrote connected Twitter. “To our supporters, volunteers & endorsers of each backgrounds, faiths & from each country of NYC: Thank you, from the precise bottommost of my heart, for being a portion of our team. Tonight, we celebrate—because tomorrow, the existent enactment begins!”

Adams, the existent Brooklyn Borough president and erstwhile constabulary captain, was considered the overwhelming favourite to triumph the mayoral contention aft emerging victorious successful the Democratic superior earlier this year. He volition regenerate Mayor Bill de Blasio, besides a Democrat, successful January.

When taking office, helium volition beryllium faced with choices astir whether to continue, oregon expand, vaccine mandates enactment successful spot by de Blasio, a Democrat who was constricted by instrumentality to 2 terms. As a candidate, Adams referenced his working-class roots and being raised with 5 siblings by a azygous parent who cleaned houses. He described carrying a garbage container of apparel to schoolhouse retired of fearfulness his household would beryllium evicted.

Adams has said helium supports de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for New York City, including for New York City Police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and different metropolis workers.

Epoch Times Photo Mayoral campaigner Curtis Sliwa participates successful the Columbus Day parade, successful Manhattan, N.Y., connected Oct. 11, 2021. (Enrico Trigoso/The Epoch Times)

During the Democratic primary, successful a bid to fend disconnected much progressive candidates, Adams formed himself arsenic a mean who opposes the “defund the police” question and said he’d bring backmost the usage of stop-and-frisk successful immoderate cases arsenic good arsenic reviving the NYPD’s anti-gun task unit that was disbanded nether de Blasio.

Other than seeking to fortify nationalist safety, Adams said helium plans to marque New York City much welcoming to businesses—after 18 months of pandemic-induced lockdowns.

“We person been defined arsenic a business-enemy metropolis alternatively of a business-friendly city,” helium told Bloomberg successful September.

After de Blasio precocious announced a determination to signifier retired the city’s Gifted and Talented program, Adams past week told media outlets helium would bring it back.

Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels anti-crime patrol 4 decades ago, ran a run punctuated by his signature reddish beret, portion of the Guardian Angels uniform.

Sliwa archetypal became a acquainted New York fig erstwhile helium founded the Guardian Angels successful 1979. He aboriginal became a talk-radio big and survived an attempted mob deed incited by his vigor commentary.

Sliwa has a penchant for staging stunts and holding quality conferences astatine day-old transgression scenes to item what helium portrays arsenic a metropolis successful decline, and he’s besides go known for surviving with much than a twelve rescue cats successful his precise tiny flat with his wife.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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