Democrats Going to Suffer at the Ballot Box Next Year: Rep. Bob Good on Virginia Election

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American radical person been suffering from Democrats’ progressive policies, but Virginia’s predetermination results amusement the Democrats volition endure successful the 2022 midterm elections, said Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.).

On Tuesday, Republicans swept each 3 statewide offices successful Virginia: the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the state’s lawyer general. Republicans besides flipped 7 seats and regained a constrictive 51–49 bulk successful the Virginia House of Delegates.

“Virginians, on with Americans, person been suffering nether raw, unchecked Democrat power,” Good told NTD’s “Capitol Report” programme connected Wednesday, adding that the large triumph for Republicans is successful “direct repudiation” of President Joe Biden’s policies.

“Americans are suffering from it, but Democrats are going to endure astatine the ballot container again adjacent year,” Good proclaimed.

Epoch Times Photo Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin speaks during his predetermination nighttime enactment astatine a edifice successful Chantilly, Va., connected Nov. 3, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The congressman from Virginia said astir the GOP victory, “it intelligibly was a nationalist election.”

“Virginians made the connection that Americans are going to marque adjacent year: We don’t privation our constabulary defunded. We don’t privation to enactment criminals up of victims, criminals up of police. We don’t privation mandates connected our idiosyncratic and connected our children—vaccine mandates. We don’t privation to springiness up our astir indispensable freedoms. We don’t privation runaway inflation, rapidly rising state prices, market prices. The issues that impact each Americans’ lives are being harmed by the Democrat Party,” Good said.

Good said that captious contention theory—another superior contented successful the election—does beryllium successful Virginia. Good introduced a bill successful September to outlaw captious contention mentation successful nationalist acquisition institutions.

The GOP’s triumph is simply a reddish emblem for Biden and the Democrats. Biden won the authorities successful 2020 by a comfy 10-point margin.

Democrats knew the value of Virginia’s predetermination arsenic well. Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, erstwhile President Barack Obama each went to Virginia to run for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic campaigner and the erstwhile governor.

During her campaign, Harris said, “What happens successful Virginia volition successful ample portion find what happens successful 2022, 2024, and on.”

Good besides called connected the caller GOP politician to basal against the vaccine mandate—the fig 1 contented successful Virginia successful his view.

“I’m calling connected Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin now, to not lone basal against vaccine mandates,” Good said. “He needs to prohibit vaccine mandates successful Virginia—as they’ve done successful Florida and Texas—to accidental he’s going to basal successful the spread betwixt oppressive national authorities and Virginians and support america from the Biden regime.”

“Vaccine mandates travel crossed oregon situation our astir basal of freedoms, our ain wellness decisions, our ain wellness information, what we instrumentality into our body, what we disclose from a wellness standpoint, idiosyncratic freedoms, our quality to spell to enactment and to gain a surviving for our family, our quality to run our concern and support our employees—all nether menace with this vaccine mandate,” Good continued.

Good besides said the integrity of the predetermination is “fundamental to who we are arsenic a republic.”

“What I was alert of is we had tons of boots connected the ground, tons of folks being canvass watchers, observers, trying to guarantee that we had galore hundreds of lawyers ready, to effort to marque definite predetermination integrity was preserved,” Good added. “That should beryllium a bipartisan issue. Everybody should privation afloat religion and assurance successful our predetermination system.”

The GOP’s triumph successful Virginia volition “give america alleviation for these adjacent 4 years astatine least,” Good added. “And it’ll beryllium a representation of what volition hap if we tin … destruct Democrat power successful Washington arsenic well.”

During a property league Wednesday afternoon, Biden said his docket not being passed successful the legislature was portion of the crushed for Democrats’ nonaccomplishment successful the election.

“I bash cognize that radical privation america to get things done. They privation america to get things done,” Biden said. “People are upset and uncertain astir a batch of things—from COVID, to school, to jobs, to a full scope of things, and the outgo of a gallon of gasoline. And truthful if I’m capable to pass—sign into instrumentality my Build Back Better initiative, I’m successful a presumption wherever you’re going to spot a batch of those things ameliorated rapidly and swiftly. And truthful that has to beryllium done.”

Ivan Pentchoukov contributed to the report.

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