Democrats Run Network of Fake Local News Sites in Battleground States: Report

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Democrats are moving a web of quasi-local quality websites to dispersed pro-Democrat messages successful plaything states up of the midterm elections, according to reports.

The network, according to Axios, encompasses astatine slightest 51 section quality outlets crossed 10 plaything states, with each of them having a non-partisan sounding sanction specified arsenic the Milwaukee Metro Times, the Tri-City Record, and the Mecklenburg Herald. These sites stock a communal template, which mixes sports stories and different section quality with governmental contented that is heavy biased toward Democrat candidates and against their Republican competitors.

The sites are purportedly tally by a one-year-old, Florida-based institution called Local Report, according to the “About Us” pages for each outlet. They whitethorn besides beryllium partially tally by the American Independent, a progressive media institution owned by Hilary Clinton-affiliated concern steadfast True Blue Media, considering that the bulk of these sites’ contented is produced by American Independent writers.

According to Axios, astir each of these sites’ contented comes from conscionable six American Independent writers. Many of the six authors’ articles look obscurity other different than sites wrong the Local Report network.

Democrat campaigns successful respective states person been referencing Local Report stories. For example, the authoritative Twitter relationship for the Democratic Party of Georgia past period shared a piece criticizing Gov. Brian Kemp, who is seeking reelection. Jocelyn Benson, who volition look Republican challenger Kristina Karamo this November successful Michigan’s caput of authorities race, posted connected Twitter a story that praises her effort successful expanding elector access.

“It is precise apt that this November Michigan voters volition beryllium choosing betwixt Benson, who oversaw an election with the highest elector information complaint successful 60 years, oregon Karamo, who tried to assistance different authorities overturn it,” work the Local Report article, written by an American Independent writer. It’s unclear whether the Democrats shared the contented knowing that they aren’t autarkic quality reports, but are portion of the Democrat media campaign.

While it is thing caller for governmental parties to propulsion their partisan messaging nether the guise of a non-partisan quality work successful modern elections, Local Report insisted that its extremity is “sharing section quality and providing readers with fact-based sum of their communities.”

“We are arrogant to collaborate with partners similar the American Independent that are besides committed to bringing the nationalist reliable accusation that they tin trust,” a spokesperson for the Local Report told the Axios.

Quasi-news sites tally by the Local Report person been identified successful 10 battleground states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Bill Pan


Bill Pan is simply a newsman for The Epoch Times.