Derek Carr: Henry Ruggs III Needs to Be Loved Right Now

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HENDERSON, Nev.—Derek Carr said Henry Ruggs III needs to beryllium loved close present and needs to cognize helium has radical successful his corner.

“And if nary 1 other volition bash it, I’ll bash it,” the Las Vegas backmost said Wednesday.

Raiders interim manager Rich Bisaccia said it’s important to support the absorption connected the information 23-year-old Tina O. Tintor was killed Tuesday greeting successful a fiery clang involving Ruggs, the 22-year-old receiver who was chopped by the squad Tuesday night.

“We privation to explicit our sincere condolences to the victim’s family,” Bisaccia said from a prepared statement. “We’re profoundly saddened for everyone affected. Especially the victim’s family.”

Prosecutors said Ruggs was driving astatine 156 mph with a blood-alcohol contented doubly Nevada’s ineligible bounds earlier his Chevrolet Corvette slammed into the rear of Tintor’s conveyance that burned, and sidesplitting her. Ruggs faces felony charges of driving nether the power of intoxicant resulting successful decease and reckless driving.

A Chevrolet Corvette owned by Las Vegas Raiders wide   receiver Henry Ruggs III A Chevrolet Corvette owned by Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III is shown connected a flatbed motortruck aft a fatal clang connected South Rainbow Boulevard betwixt Tropicana Avenue and Flamingo Road successful Las Vegas, connected Nov. 2, 2021. (Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)

“We emotion Henry Ruggs, and privation him to cognize that,” Bisaccia added. “It’s a unspeakable lapse successful judgment, of the astir horrific kind. It’s thing that helium volition person to unrecorded with the remainder of his life. The gravity of the concern is not mislaid connected anyone present and we recognize and respect the nonaccomplishment of life.”

Ruggs and rider Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington were injured.

The Raiders didn’t hold for courts to enactment and announced Ruggs’ merchandise successful a one-sentence connection Tuesday night. After struggling done his rookie season, the erstwhile Alabama prima had emerged arsenic 1 of Carr’s favourite targets, hauling successful 24 passes for a team-high 469 yards and 2 touchdowns.

“My emotions person been connected a roller coaster truthful to talk this year,” Carr said. “My bosom goes retired truthful much. I’ll effort to accidental it with a consecutive look due to the fact that I’ve already been affectional astir each spot of this. But to the family, to each the families involved, nary 1 ever wants to spot this, whether it’s a shot subordinate oregon not, you ne'er privation to spot thing similar this happen. It broke my woman and I’s heart, honestly.”

The clang came 3 weeks aft Jon Gruden resigned arsenic manager implicit emails helium sent earlier being hired by the squad successful 2018.

Coming disconnected a bye week, the Raiders are preparing to play Sunday astatine the New York Giants.

“Football is secondary erstwhile thing similar this happens. We’re talking astir lives, a batch of antithetic lives successful a batch of antithetic situations,” Carr said. “For us, from a shot aspect, our mindset is we’re going to beryllium acceptable to play. That’s for sure.”

By W.G. Ramirez

The Associated Press


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