‘Dexter’ Revival: Everything You Need To Know Before ‘New Blood’ Begins

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The time has arrived! ‘Dexter: New Blood’ premieres November 7. Get each the latest updates astir the cast, plot, and more.

Dexter Morgan is backmost to termination again. The constricted bid Dexter: New Blood makes its highly-anticipated premiere November 7 connected Showtime. A batch has changed successful a decennary for our favourite serial killer, but astatine his core, he’s inactive the aforesaid Dexter.

The Dexter revival amazed everyone erstwhile it was announced successful 2020, and present fans are anxious to spot Dexter’s adjacent chapter. Your favourite serial slayer volition beryllium backmost for the constricted bid arsenic good arsenic his sister Deb Morgan. HollywoodLife is breaking down each the important Dexter: New Blood news.

DexterMichael C. Hall with Clancy Brown successful the ‘Dexter’ revival. (Showtime)

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Cast

Michael C. Hall, who played the 1 and lone Dexter Morgan, is backmost for the constricted series. However, helium won’t beryllium the lone familiar face coming backmost for the revival.

Jennifer Carpenter, who played Deb Morgan, is returning for the Showtime constricted series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jennifer and John Lithgow, who played the Trinity Killer successful the archetypal series, are “expected to look successful flashback scenes arsenic the Dexter update has nary plans of re-writing the show’s archetypal canon.”

Jennifer CarpenterDeb Morgan died successful the ‘Dexter’ bid finale. (Everett Collection)

Jennifer near the doorway unfastened conscionable a ace astir reprising the relation of Deb successful a bid finale post-mortem interrogation with THR. “[It would take] an bonzer publication many, many, galore years from now,” she said. “I don’t cognize if that’s imaginable due to the fact that radical don’t travel backmost from the dead.”

John fto it gaffe successful an interrogation with Deadline that Jennifer would beryllium returning for the revival arsenic well. “It was conscionable fantastic to rejoin that gang—including Michael and Jennifer Carpenter and [showrunner] Clyde Phillips,” the Emmy victor said.

Back successful 2018, Michael told our sister site Variety that helium did not person “any immediate, definitive plans” to instrumentality to the quality of Dexter Morgan. Over the 2 years since that interview, the showrunner and Michael recovered a communicative worthy of reviving the series.

“We would lone revisit this unsocial quality if we could find a originative instrumentality that was genuinely worthy of the brilliant, archetypal series,” Gary, President of Entertainment for Showtime Networks Inc., said successful a statement. “Well, I americium blessed to study that Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall person recovered it, and we can’t hold to sprout it and amusement it to the world!”

Jamie Chung and Oscar Wahlberg person joined the formed of the revival, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jamie volition play Molly, a “true-crime podcaster from Los Angeles.” Oscar is acceptable to play Zach, the “captain of the Iron Lake High School wrestling team. He’s a spot of a bully, but mostly the go-to-guy to person a bully time. He’s the gateway to the in-crowd, which includes the girl of the main of police.”

Jamie told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that “Molly is simply a confident, accomplished, and self-made journalist.” She added, “She recovered a batch of occurrence arsenic a true-crime podcaster, and arsenic I’ve mentioned earlier is caller to the satellite of Dexter and you tin ideate however that shakes things up successful his quiescent world.”

The cast besides includes Paralympian Katy Sullivan, who recurs arsenic Esther, the “dispatcher astatine the Iron Lake Police Station.” Clancy Brown volition play the show’s main villain. Julia Jones is the town’s main of police, Alano Miller is simply a sergeant/high schoolhouse wrestling coach, Johnny Sequoyah is the chief’s daughter.

Jack AlcottJack Alcott and Michael C. Hall successful ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ (Showtime)

Jack Alcott has been formed successful the cardinal relation of Harrison, Dexter’s lad that helium near down 10 years ago. Harrison, present a teenager, comes to Iron Lake looking for his long-lost father.

‘Dexter: New Blood’ Trailer

The authoritative sanction of the revival was revealed successful July 2021 on with the trailer. Dexter: New Blood is the rubric of the peculiar lawsuit series. Dexter: New Blood picks up 10 years aft the events of the Dexter bid finale.

Dexter, present going by the sanction Jim Lindsay, is surviving a quaint beingness successful Iron Lake, New York. But helium can’t look to shingle the antheral helium utilized to be. “It’s been a whirlwind,” Dexter tells his therapist. “I’ve ever had my demons truthful I went away. But sometimes, I person an impulse excessively beardown to ignore.”

The synopsis teases, “Dexter whitethorn beryllium embracing his caller life, but successful the aftermath of unexpected events successful this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons.” The trailer besides gives america glimpses of caller formed members, including Julia Jones, Alano Miller, and Clancy Brown.

New ‘Dexter’ Teaser

The caller teaser opens with Dexter walking down a snowy thoroughfare successful a tiny town. Everyone calls him “Jimmy” oregon “Mr. Lindsay,” truthful it’s wide his caller alias is Jim Lindsay. Dexter (as Jim Lindsay) is simply a income subordinate astatine Fred’s Fish & Game successful this tiny town.

There's thing astir a tiny town. #Dexter pic.twitter.com/27m4m364ve

— Dexter connected Showtime (@SHO_Dexter) May 27, 2021

Dexter continues to locomotion past everyone but stops erstwhile helium sees a weapon connected show successful a window. Dexter knows a happening oregon 2 astir knives. Dexter is entranced by the knife. He doesn’t accidental anything, but helium does instrumentality a heavy breath. “There’s thing astir a tiny town,” the tagline for the teaser reads.

Jennifer Carpenter, who played Deb successful the archetypal series, posted the teaser connected her Instagram page and wrote, “I haven’t adjacent watched this 1 yet—— I conscionable shared it immediately!”

First Teaser

He’s conscionable a psyche whose intentions are good.

See what #Dexter has been up to erstwhile helium comes location to SHOWTIME this Fall. pic.twitter.com/Bh8UC83qn0

— SHOWTIME (@Showtime) April 29, 2021

Showtime released the precise archetypal teaser for Dexter play 9 connected April 29. The footage, which has Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” playing successful the background, features Dexter starring retired the model into the snow-covered forest, wherever there’s a occurrence going. In the reflection of the window, you tin spot thing squirming. You tin faintly perceive the idiosyncratic screaming. When Dexter turns around, helium gives the camera his signature smile. Dexter doesn’t look to beryllium a lumberjack anymore! No flannel successful sight!

Nature is calling. #Dexter pic.twitter.com/tX92KWHZLI

— Dexter connected Showtime (@SHO_Dexter) April 22, 2021

A week earlier the archetypal teaser dropped, Showtime hinted that footage was connected the way. Showtime posted a 10-second video the included an ax. “Nature is calling,” the caption read.


Michael C HallThe ‘Dexter’ revival is expected to premiere successful precocious 2021. (Showtime/Everett Collection)

The quality of a Dexter revival was announced successful Oct. 2020 by Gary Levine and Jana Winograde, Presidents of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc. Dexter primitively came to an extremity aft 8 seasons successful 2013. The caller constricted bid began filming successful aboriginal 2021.

Premiere Date

Filming began successful aboriginal 2021. Showtime initially said that the revival has a tentative premiere day of autumn 2021. The April 2021 teaser stressed that the Dexter revival would premiere successful autumn 2021. The sneak peek trailer that was released connected July 25 confirmed that Dexter: New Blood would premiere November 7 astatine 9 p.m. connected Showtime. The Dexter revival volition dwell of 10 episodes.


Dexter was presumed dormant aft his vessel capsized during a hurricane successful the bid finale. In the show’s shocking last moments, Dexter was revealed to beryllium live and surviving a solitary beingness arsenic a lumberjack successful Oregon. The bid finale was precise controversial, with fans unsatisfied with Dexter’s ending.

Michael C HallThe ‘Dexter’ bid last near fans up successful arms. (Showtime/Everett Collection)

The revival volition instrumentality spot 8 years aft the Dexter finale, with the serial slayer surviving successful a caller spot “we’ve ne'er seen him before,” enforcement producer Clyde Phillips told TV Insider. Clyde besides hinted astatine a batch of decease successful play 9. “Dexter ever has what we telephone ‘the acheronian passenger’ surviving wrong him,” helium continued. “He is much grounded than he’s ever been, but that acheronian rider is simply a dependable helium cannot deny. This is Dexter. People are going to die.”

The authoritative logline for the revival reads: “Set 10 years aft Dexter Morgan went missing successful the oculus of Hurricane Laura, the revival sees the quality present surviving nether an assumed sanction successful a satellite distant from Miami.”

Will There Be A Season 10?

Nothing has been said astir extending the revival beyond 1 season. Since this is television, anything is possible. However, Clyde noted successful his interrogation with TV Insider that the amusement is “moving guardant to an ending that volition beryllium astonishing but inevitable.” Sounds similar the 10-episode revival whitethorn person a very definitive ending.